Ethiopia’s first hotel goes ablaze

Ethiopia's first hotel goes ablaze

The wooden structures of the two-story hotel, built in 1898, engulfed in fire from the inside as firefighters are trying to put it out

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Itegue Taitu Hotel, Ethiopia’s first ever hotel, has gone ablaze, with no casualties reported, an Anadolu Agency correspondent reported Sunday.

The wooden structures of the two-story hotel, built in 1898 according to its official web page, engulfed in fire from the inside as firefighters are trying to put it out, according to the reporter.

No details have so far come out from the Addis Ababa firefighting department or police on the cause of the fire.

The hotel was named after late Empress Taitu Bitul, the wife of Emperor Menelek  II – the king of Ethiopia who founded Addis Ababa as the seat of government.

The decades-old hotel is situated at the heart of Addis Ababa, an area which is locally known as Piazza and boats few other historic buildings.


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One Response to Ethiopia’s first hotel goes ablaze


    January 20, 2015 at 7:52 PM

    WRITER ASKED “When TPLF/EPRDF came to power Meles Zenawi was the president of the country. Why did he become prime minister?”

    1. To get Prime Minster Tamrat Layne the highest non-Tigre government official at the time who was the Prime Minster out of Ethiopian politics.

    2. So they do not return illegally confiscated properties such as Taitu Hotel to their rightfull ancestoral owners instead to sell the hotel to Seye Abraha and his siblings for very low price they had to reverse the sales.”

    Taitu Hotel right now seem to be claimed by Seye Abraha and his siblings , The true ancestoral owners who lost the hotel to the communist government before the so called capitalist government of Meles Zenawi decided to sell it twice first to seye Abraha and siblings secondly to the current operators of the hotel until the real hotel owners gave up hope on the government returning their hotel to them and took matters to their own judgement recently.


    “Seye Abraha fell out with his brother-in-arms, the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, he was locked up on corruption charges along with his entire siblings. Bail was out of the question. ”

    THE FALL OUT BETWEEN THE TWO HAVE CREATED THE MILITARY TO BE full of Morally decayed people such as Samora Yunus who are habitual rapists that go around Ethiopia from one lady with an exiled husband to another lady with AN exiled husband chewing on their HIV medications bought by the Defense minster budget free for all high ranking military offcials since they know they are risking their life when they go around having intercourse with exiled people’s wives. Ethiopia needs someone to claim Homeland to the rightful owners. The government is so busy giving the homeland to foreigners.
    REGULAR JAPAN TO ETHIOPIA flight is scheduled to start next month by EAL.