Ethiopians in London protest Brutal regime of Meles Zenawi

Ethiopian protesters gathered outside Parliament today to condemn the brutal regime of Meles Zenawi, while inside Laurence Robertson MP sponsored a dinner party supposedly celebrating Ethiopian culture. London, UK. 08/03/2011

Ethiopian protesters representing the Network Against Injustice and Repression in Ethiopia gathered outside Parliament today to condemn the brutal regime of Meles Zenawi, while inside Parliament, MP for Tewkesbury, Laurence Robertson – who claimed the greatest amount of Parliamentary expenses in 2009 – was sponsoring a dinner party supposedly in the name of celebrating Ethiopian culture. Robertson’s close ties to the Ethiopian dictator have given great cause for concern by those campaigning for human rights and dignity in Ethopia – a repressive state which commits acts of torture, brutality and extra-judicial murder against its own citizens. Zenawi is accused of kidnapping, imprisoning and murdering his opponents. During protests last year Zenawi’s troops turned machine guns on protesting students in Addis Abbaba University. Thousands of protesters were jailed in November after two days of political unrest over alleged vote-rigging in elections last May, claiming the lives of at least 46 people. Similar protests last June led to the deaths of a further 42 students.


Though most of the 77 million people living in the hell that is modern Ethiopia under the Zenawi regime live on much less than 50 pence a day, Ethiopia receives just over £1 billion a year in aid, making it one of the largest recipients of foreign aid in Africa, but the regime spends a large percentage of its national budget on armaments and weapons. It is also believed that Zenawi and his corrupt officials have directed decades of foreign aid straight into their own bank accounts.

Recently Meles Zenawi has sent mercenaries to Libya to support the murderous campaign against Gaddafi’s opponents.

Contact The Network Against Injustice and Repression in Ethiopia for more information on: 07970 350 860


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