Ethiopians’ long, deadly journey to SA

From ARNOLD MULENGA in Lusaka, Zambia

From ARNOLD MULENGA in Lusaka, Zambia

LUSAKA, (CAJ News) – THE recent death of 95 Ethiopians in a containerised truck from Tanzania into Zambia highlights the rise in the number of irregular migrants from the Horn of Africa entering Zambia headed to South Africa.

The deaths occurred as the victims were being transported by a suspected human trafficking syndicate in Chembe district in Luapula Province of Zambia.

Victims were bundled in the lorry which also contained bags of beans and groundnuts.

In coordination with the Zambian authorities, the 76 Ethiopians who survived, including children under the age of 18, have been transferred to a protective shelter where they are receiving required assistance.

“The discovery of 19 bodies of those who died in the containerised truck is devastating,” said Abibatou Wane, International Office of Migration Zambia Chief of Mission, said.

The tragedy mirrors a worrying trend.

Recently, a group of 21 Ethiopians unaccompanied children en route to South Africa were intercepted in the Central Province of Zambia, after which they were detained, along with adults who were traveling with them.

Furthermore, a group of 40 Ethiopian minors who were already sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in Central Province for consenting to being smuggled were – after months of advocacy by IOM and the UN Human Rights Commission and others partners – issued a presidential pardon on Africa Day, May 25, by Zambia President, Edgar Lungu.

The 40 children have now been released from detention to safe shelter where they are currently receiving medical and psychosocial support.

They await assistance for their voluntary return to Ethiopia.

– CAJ News

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One Response to Ethiopians’ long, deadly journey to SA

  1. Tadesse Nigatu

    June 27, 2016 at 1:56 PM

    Habesha diasporas are being outnumbered by newly arrived bums allover.once a bum always a bum .
    The main culprit that divide the Ethiopian community members in the diaspora are those uneducated , jobless , homeless and hopeless habesha diasporas that sit on the sidewalk claiming they got nowhere to live, getting on people businesses allday making us habesha people hate each other and to fight against each other by creating unnecessary rumors.
    Due to the actions of the ever increasing number of Habesha bums in the diaspora communities the new generation of diasporas are loosing
    · Respect and care for themselves and others,
    · Tolerate differences,
    · Treat everyone as equal
    · Recognize your destiny is tied to that of others