Ethiopians in Norway demanded the release of Teddy Afro

oslo_nobel_protest_for_teddy.jpg12 December 2008 — Ethiopians residing in Oslo and suburb held demonstration on Dec. 10, 2008 for the immediate release of the popular artist, Teddy Afro. The demonstration was held in front of a city hall where the 2008 Noble peace prize was awarded.

Demonstrators were chanting; “Free Teddy Afro!”, “Free all political prisoners in Ethiopia!”, “Justice and democracy in Ethiopia!” and many more slogans. They angrily denounced the dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi and the unjustified arrest and maltreatment of Teddy Afro.

Lots of diplomats from different countries, Norwegian authorities, politicians, journalists, and guests of the Noble prize ceremony observed the demonstration. Leaflets describing the politically motivated court drama against Teddy Afro, the failure of justice system in Ethiopia were distributed to the public.

The demonstration ended up by promising to intensify the struggle by being part of a world wide free Teddy Afro action until Teddy and all political prisoners are released from the woyanne prison in Ethiopia.

Kinijit Support and Development Organization in Norway

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