Ethiopians in Europe build a case against Meles Zenawi

March 18th, 2009 | ER – Ethiopians from several European cities are mobilizing for a massive protest rally against Meles Zenawi — also known as the Butcher of Addis — in London where he will arrive on April 2 for the G20 meeting.

Ethiopian lawyers, in collaboration with the protest organizers, are also in the process of hiring a British law firm to file criminal charges against Meles under Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 of U.K. which authorizes the prosecution in Britain of any person who commits an act of torture anywhere in the world.

A representative of the organizers informed Ethiopian Review that some highly prominent Ethiopian lawyers in the U.S. and Europe are involved in the matter. The lawyers have prepared a comprehensive criminal case against Meles, which includes charges of torture and wholesale murder of unarmed Ethiopian and Somali civilians.

The April 2 protest in London is expected to attract the largest Ethiopian protest rally since 2005 when the Meles regime unleashed a campaign of terror against Ethiopians following the fraudulent May 2005 elections.

Further information: The organizers can be reached at

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