Ethiopian Uber Driver Attacked by Passenger Who Mistook Him for a Muslim (VIDEO)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte Uber driver said a passenger attacked and threatened him because he thought he was Muslim.

Samson Wolde-Michael, who immigrated from Ethiopia and is a Christian, got a call about 2 a.m. Sunday to pick up someone on Park Road.

The customer was a man leaving a bar, and Wolde-Michael said the ride went just fine.

“We had a good conversation. (He) told me he was from Boston,” Wolde-Michael said.

That suddenly changed when they arrived at his home.

“He turned to be hateful, said he would end me,” Wolde-Michael said. “And said he would shoot me in the face, strangle me.”

He said the passenger called him a Muslim, yelled hateful words and told him to get out of the car.

Wolde-Michael said he decided to start driving.

“He hit my head. Thankfully I didn’t lose consciousness,” he said.

Wolde-Michael said the man kept hitting him, so he blew the horn until the man got out of the car.

He said he was worried that the man had a gun, so he drove off. He called police, who are investigating.

Wolde-Michael hopes other people who aren’t from America but who believe in it don’t fall victim to the same hatred.

“These people should be educated. There are good people who believe in America,” he said.

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One Response to Ethiopian Uber Driver Attacked by Passenger Who Mistook Him for a Muslim (VIDEO)

  1. Kelemua

    November 19, 2015 at 7:15 PM

    Support for suicide bombings was particularly high among young Muslims in USA. Ethiopian parents need to educate their children in the USA on how to not associate or be careful around with Muslims in their peer in their community.

    In Ethiopia muslims and other religion followers grow up together . Specially those that grew up in Addis Ababa are so mixed they fail to differentiate when they arrive in USA which is becoming a huge risk for the children that grow here in USA.

    In the U.S. a full 26 percent of Muslims aged 18-29 admitted they could see justifications for suicide bombing, nearly triple the rate of older Muslims. Similar degrees of extremism were visible in the other Western countries Pew interviewed Muslims in. In France, an astonishing 42 percent of young Muslims said suicide attacks could be justified.