Ethiopian soldiers kill 3 Kenyan policemen during manhunt

Marsabit acting county commander Mark Wanjala in his office on November 20, 2015.

Ethiopian soldiers shot dead three Kenyan police officers during a manhunt on Friday in Kenya’s northern Marsabit county, Kenyan police say.

The soldiers crossed into Kenya and were pursuing gunmen of rebel group, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), who killed an Ethiopian local chief on Thursday.

Marsabit acting county police commander, Mark Wanjala, confirmed the incident, saying the Kenyan police officers were “ambushed”.

The soldiers surrounded a village for a siege on the OLF gunmen possibly hiding inside, then Kenyan police were called.

Wanjala said as the policemen rushed there, they were attacked, leaving three of them killed on the spot.

Local police say at least five other officers went missing after the incident.

“The officers were in a police vehicle when they were attacked by the Ethiopian soldiers inside Kenya. Three are dead and several are missing,” said a Kenyan police officer in the area.

The Ethiopia-based OLF fighters have made sporadic incursions into Kenya.

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