Ethiopian Police Arrested Secretary General of Eastern African Journalists (EAJA)

10 NOVEMBER 2013 —

Omar Faruk Osman was arrested upon arrival at Bole airport following a warrant sought by Jupiter hotel over unpaid debts. Witness journalist confirmed Radio Dalsan .

The charges against Faruk include false cheques he provided to the hotel in 2011 .

the hotel, Jupiter repeatedly asked Omar Faruk to clear his debts which exceeded over $6000 but avoided going to Addis after couple of months.

Faruk fled from Mogadishu after a warrant of arrest was issued by the regional court in the fraudulent use the Somali journalists name, and corruption cases and fled after he was briefly detained in Mogadishu.

So far there is no comment concerning Faruk’s arrest from the Ethiopian Union of Journalists as well as the EAJA association members . Faruk is a Somali British journalist and a former NUSOJ general secretary .

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