Ethiopian maid tries to kill her employer’s little daughter (video)

March 19, 2014

A Filipina housemaid suffered a hand injury after she tried to stop an Ethiopian maid working in the same house in Kuwait from trying to kill her employer’s little daughter, newspapers in the Gulf emirate reported on Tuesday.

The Filipina jumped at the Ethiopian maid when she saw her running towards their employer’s seven-year-old daughter with a knife.

Just before she tried to stab the girl, the Filipina reached the maid and pushed her away, prompting the Ethiopian to stab her in the hand.

Newspapers said the Ethiopian maid was arrested while the Filipina was taken to hospital. They gave no other details.

Video: Maid caught on camera smacking child

An Ethiopian housemaid was caught on camera smacking a little boy on his head with a wooden object at her employer’s house.

A YouTube film published by the Saudi daily Sada showed the main looked back to make sure she is not watched before she brought that object on the child’s head.

The paper did not say where in the Gulf the film was shot.

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