Ethiopian maid found walking without clothes in Saudi

Ethiopian arrested after calls from residents

Saudi police arrested an Ethiopian housemaid for walking naked in a public place and said they believe she is mentally ill.

Internet users in the Gulf Kingdom, the largest base for Asian and African housemaids in the region, had circulated a YouTube film on social networks showing a woman talking off her gown and walking naked on a street in Riyadh at night.

Police said the woman shown in the film is an Ethiopian maid who was arrested after they received calls from residents in the area. They denied a report associated with the film that the maid could have been raped.

“The maid has been taken to a psychiatry hospital for treatment as she is not mentally normal…we have contacted her country’s embassy to follow up her treatment and arrange for her deportation from the Kingdom,” police spokesman Colonel Nassir al Qahtani said, quoted by Alsaudeh daily.

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