Ethiopian Immigrants March Against Brutal Regime – Seattle weekly

The government has recently killed and disappeared hundreds of people.

The government has recently killed and disappeared hundreds of people.

Casey Jaywork- Aug 16th, 2016

A couple hundred members of Seattle’s Ethiopian immigrant community marched through downtown’s streets Tuesday afternoon in protest against U.S. support for the brutal Ethiopian regime.

“Back in Ethiopia, we have a dictatorial regime which has committed mass crimes against some people,” said attorney Daniel Ajema, a marcher who identified himself as an organizer. “We’re here in solidarity with the people back home, and would like to support them and show our support.”

He’s not exaggerating. In their “Democracy Index” last year, the Economist gave Ethiopia’s government their lowest classification: an authoritarian regime, with an “Electoral Process and Pluralism” score of zero out of ten. Since November, according to the Human Rights Watch, government forces have killed hundreds of largely peaceful protesters and “disappeared” hundreds more.

Ajema said that the protest was specifically aimed at urging President Obama and philanthropist Bill Gates to try to lean on Ethiopia’s national government to do better on human rights and democracy. “We are here to voice our concern and our anger against the enablers of the regime,” he said. The Gates foundation currently has 150 projects worth more than $500 million in Ethiopia, according to the South African Broadcasting Service. The official U.S. relationship with Ethiopia is a friendly one: Ethiopian troops have battled the terrorist army al-Shabaab in neighboring Somolia, and last year our government sent theirs more than half a billion dollars in aid.

Ajema says both the U.S.’s and Gates Foundation’s money helps finance the regime, and he says both Gates and the president should insist on putting human rights ahead of political expediency.

“They’re not doing a whole lot of checking on good governance and democratic rights,” Ajema said. “They’re just blindly giving money to the government.”

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4 Responses to Ethiopian Immigrants March Against Brutal Regime – Seattle weekly

  1. Belete Asfaw

    August 17, 2016 at 11:13 AM

    outstanding, Seattle showing what TPLE has had fear for long time, that is showing TPLF its smears, sabotage and long plan to divided the two ethnics which is Amara’s and Oromo’s people will never EVER divided!! TPLF your imagination has failed, your dream has failed.

    TPLF surrogates— serve this killers as so called OPDO and ” Amara people representatives” please change your course before it is to late. stand with your people. don’t be this thugs and killers tools to murder your innocent peaceful protesters, Ethiopian people have a right to protest and elect its leaders it is not its privilege it is Ethiopian people RIGHT!! STAND WITH THE PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA. HISTORY AND ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE WILL JUDGE YOU.

  2. Belete Asfaw

    August 17, 2016 at 11:20 AM


  3. Flo

    August 17, 2016 at 11:00 PM

    I am not an Ethiopian, but my heart is really troubled with what is going on in Ethiopia. After all you are our neighbors to the South, and we all have to speak out. What the Ethiopian government is doing is unacceptable, however, like other African leaders and countries, they depend largely on foreign monies to finance their budget. Taxes are a very small portion of their budget, and thus, they don’t feel answerable to the people they govern. The only people Ethiopian government can listen to are the foreign governments that send them foreign aid and other loans. Of course, United States is a big financier of Ethiopia’s budget. So what I urge all Ethiopians (and Friends of Ethiopia) in the United States (and other Western countries) is to write to your Senator and Representative about the plight of Ethiopian’s back home, include pictures where possible. Such letters will put a big pressure on congress and the senate to act. Open letters to the president are good, but hardly do they have a bigger impact especially in matters concerning Africa.
    In addition, let us send letters to African governments that are democratically leaning – to also put pressure to the Ethiopian government. One letter (one voice) is nothing, but surely, many voices (letters) will be heard loud and clear.
    We are all Ethiopians! We are one!

  4. Flo

    August 17, 2016 at 11:00 PM

    እ አም ኖት አን ኤትሂኦፒአን, ቡት ምይ ሀአርት ኢ ረአልልይ ትሮኡብለድ ዊትህ ውሃት ኢስ ጎኢንግ ኦን ኢን ኤትሂኦፒአ. ኣፍተር አልል ዮኡ አረ ኦኡር ነኢግህቦርስ ቶ ተህ ጾኡትህ አንድ ወ አልል ሃቨ ቶ ስፐአክ ኦኡት. ውሃት ትሀ ኤትሂኦፒአን ጎቨርንመንት ኢስ ዶኢንግ ኢስ ኡናችቸፕታብለ, ሆወቨር, ሊከ ኦትሀር ኣፍሪቻን ለአደርስ አንድ ቾኡንትሪእስ, ትሀይ ደፐንድ ላርገልይ ኦን ፎረኢግን ሞኒእ ቶ ፊናንቸ ትሀኢር ቡድገት. ጣሸስ አረ አ ቨርይ ስማልል ፖርቲኦን ኦፍ ትሀኢር ቡድገት, አንድ ትሁስ, ትሀይ ዶን’ት ፌል አንስወራብለ ቶ ትሀ ፐኦፕለ ትሀይ ጎቨርን. ጥሀ ኦንልይ ፐኦፕለ ኤትሂኦፒአን ጎቨርንመንት ቻን ሊስተን ቶ አረ ተህ ፎረኢግንጎቨርንመንትስ ትሃት ሰንድ ትሀም ፎረኢግን አኢድ አንድ ኦትሀር ሎአንስ. ኦፍ ቾኡርሰ, ኡኒተድ ጽታተስ ኢስ አ ቢግ ፊናንቺእር ኦፍ ኤትሂኦፒአ’ስ ቡድገት. ጾ ውሃት እ ዎኡልድ ሊከ ቶ ኡርገ አልል ኤትሂኦፒአንስ (አንድ ፍሪእንድስ ኦፍ ኤትሂኦፒአ) ኢን ትሀ ኡኒተድ ጽታተስ (አንድ ኦትሀር ወስተርን ቾኡንትሪእስ) ኢስ ቶ ውሪተ ቶ ዮኡር ሰናቶር አንድ ረፕረሰንታቲቨ አቦኡት ትሀ ፕሊግህት ኦፍ ኤትሂኦፒአን’ስ ባችክ ሆመ, ኢንችሉደ ፒችቱረስ ውሀረ ፖሥኢብለ. ጹችህ ለትተርስ ዊልል ፑት አ ቢግ ፕረሥኡረ ኦን ቾንግረሥ አንድ ትሀ ሰናተ ቶ አችት. ኦፐን ለትተርስ ቶ ተህ ፕረሲደንት አረ ጐድ, ቡት ሃርድልይ ዶ ትሀይ ሃቨ አ ቢግገር ኢምፓችት እስፐቺአልልይ ኢን ማትተርስ ቾንቸርኒንግ ኣፍሪቻ.
    ት ኡስ ሰንድ ለትተርስ ቶ ኣፍሪቻን ጎቨርንመንትስ ትሃት አረ ደሞችራቲቻልልይ ለአኒንግ – ቶ አልሶ ፑት ፕረሥኡረ ቶ ትሀ ኤትሂኦፒአን ጎቨርንመንት. ኦንቸ ለትተር (ኦነ ቮኢቸ) ኢስ ኖትሀኢንግ, ቡት ሱረልይ, ማንይ ቮኢቸስ (ለትተርስ) ዊልል በ ሀአርድ ሎኡድ አንድ ችለአር.