Ethiopian Flag Raising Ceremony at New City Hall, San Jose

San Jose, California, August 13, 2015 – To celebrate the Ethiopian New Year and to honor the Ethiopian flag, leaders and members of the Ethiopian American Council (EAC) are encouraging all Ethiopians, Ethiopian-Americans, and their friends and families to join them at the Eleventh Annual Ceremonial Ethiopian Flag Raising at New City Hall of San Jose on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. The flag will fly over the hall until it comes down on September 14th, 2015.

Ethiopian New YearEthiopian national flag

The flag raising will mark the beginning of a week-long celebration of the Ethiopian New Year. This special civic ceremony is a salute to the Ethiopian flag and a heartfelt remembrance of Ethiopian roots and heritage. San Jose is the only city in the nation to have established this traditional, annual acknowledgment of the heritage and history of Ethiopian-Americans. When the Ethiopian flag was first flown over New City Hall in 2005, it was an historical event in that no other foreign flag had been so honored in the history of the San Jose New City Hall.

Honor for Service

The Ethiopian-American community of San Jose, under the auspices of the Ethiopian American Council (EAC) will use this event to acknowledge and praise those that have made significant contributions to the Ethiopian community of San Jose.

• San Jose Masonic Center – For the last 25 years, the center has provided the use of its facilities for many events, both large and small, that have been extremely important to  the Ethiopian-American community.

• Debre Yibaba Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church – The church has proved to be a guiding beacon and a source of traditional strength for the San Jose Ethiopian-American community.

• Young Ethiopian Professionals in Action (YEPA) in partnership with Ethiopian Community Services – These young folks have assisted the Ethiopian-American student community of San Jose through mentoring and tutelage, and they have had a tremendous presence in  providing community services.

• Abyssinic Cultural Dancers – These young women organized themselves to ensure that the  culture of Ethiopian dance is not forgotten. Their performances inspire the heart-felt importance of Ethiopian heritage for the community.

• Ato Mekebe Semagn – For the last 30 years, this retired teacher has dedicated his time and  energy to the Ethiopian community in San Jose. He teaches youngsters Amharic, and he offers tutoring in Math, English, and other core disciplines. He offers these services at no cost – as service to his community.

Ethiopian American Council Gratitude

The San Jose City Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and City Council Members will be in attendance. The EAC and the Ethiopian-American community at large are extremely appreciative of the time and the energy that city officials have devoted to this annual event. The EAC especially wants to thank the citizens of San Jose for their recognition of the diversity that has made this country so great and offering the Ethiopian-American community a time and a place to come together and take pride in their heritage.

The Ethiopian Americans Council encourages other Ethiopian-Americans who are living in different states to do the same in their cities. Ethiopians and their friends and families who are living in the Bay Area are urged to dress in green, yellow, and red and come celebrate with the EAC and civic leaders at the flag raising and join them in the festivities that will follow.

The EAC and the civic leaders of San Jose invite all citizens to share in this solemn and celebratory ceremony at New City Hall, located at 200 East Santa Clara Street in San Jose.

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