Meles insulted US Amb., denies Tigrean domination

Douglas M. GriffithsThe Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi angrily reacted over the weekend to [video]comments made by Douglas Griffiths, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Speaking to reporters in unusual press conference before traveling to the climate summit in Copenhagen, Meles dismissed a U.S. critique of Ethiopia’s restrictions on human rights and press freedom. He particularly emphasized to a U.S. diplomat’s comments about Ethiopia’s ethnic policies.

The United States of America has for the first time accused the Ethiopian government of favouring one ethnicity in appointing government positions. Mr. Douglas M. Griffiths, USA representative in the United Nations Human Rights Council, stated that most senior government positions are overwhelmingly represented by one ethnicity. Other countries have also shares USA’s stand by emphasizing on the danger of ethnic dominance and importance of an equitable power sharing.

As usual, Meles Zenawi denies that hard fact and insulted Mr. Douglas M. Griffiths. “I have not heard of such idiocy. But if it has occurred, it proves the idiocy of the person in Geneva,” he said.

According to VOA, the dominant role of ethnic Tigrayans in the government, especially in the military, has often been a contentious political issue in Ethiopia. Tigrayans make up about six percent of the population.

The hard evidence at Ministry of Defence is top of the iceberg for the argument made by the ambassadors in Geneva. The list of names at the ministry alone makes the fact abundantly clear. It can be said that there is no Ethiopian national army but Tigrean.

  1. Chief of Staff, General, Samora Yunus, Tigre
  2. Training Department, Lt. General Tadesse Worede, Tigre
  3. Logistics Department, Lt. General Geazi Abera, Tigre
  4. Military Intelligence Department, Brg. General Gebredela, Tigre
  5. Operations Department, Lt. General Gebre Egziabiher, Tigre
  6. Engineering Department, Lt. General Berhane Negash, Tigre
  7. Air force, Brg. General Mola Haile Mariam, Tigre

Heads of the four commands

  1. Central Command, Lt. General AbebawTadesse, Agew
  2. Northern Command, Lt. General Seare Mekonnen, Tigre
  3. South Eastern Command, Maj. General Abraha W. Gabriel, Tigre
  4. Western Command, Brg. General Siyoum Hagos, Tigre

Division Commands

  1. 31st Division Commander, Colonel Tsegaye Marx, Tigre
  2. 33rd Division Commander, Colonel Kidane, Tigre
  3. 35th Division Commander, Colonel Misganaw Alemu, Agew
  4. 24th Division Commander, Colonel Work Aieynu, Tigre
  5. 22nd Division Commander, Colonel Dikul, Tigre
  6. 14th Division Commander, Colonel Woedi Antieru, Tigre
  7. 21st Divison Commander, Colonel Gueshi Gebre, Tigre
  8. 11th Division Commander, Colonel Workidu, Tigre
  9. 25th Division Commander, Colonel Tesfai Sahel, Tigre
  10. 20th Division Commander, Colonel, Teklai Klashin, Tigre
  11. 8th Mechanized Division, Colonel Jemal Mohamed, Tigre
  12. 4th Mechanized Division, Colonel Hintsaw Giorgis, Tigre
  13. 19th Division Commander, Colonel Wodi Guae, Tigre
  14. 44th Division Commander, Colonel Zewdu Teferra, Agew
  15. 13th Division Commander, Colonel Sherifo, Tigre
  16. 12th Division Commander, Colonel Mulugeta Abraha, Tigre
  17. 32nd Division Commander, Colonel Abraha Teslim, Tigre
  18. 6th Mech. Div. Commander , Colonel Gebre Medhin Fekad, Tigre
  19. 23rd Division, Commander, Colonel Wold Beilalom, Tigre
  20. 43rd Division Commander, Colonel Wodi Abate, Tigre
  21. 26th Division Commander, Colonel Mebratu, Tigre
  22. 7th Mech. Div. Commander, Colonel Gebre Gebre Mariam, Tigre

Defense Ministry Departments and other specialized Units

  1. Agazi Commando Div., Commander, Brg. General Muhamed Aisha, Tigre
  2. Addis Ababa Security Division, Colonel Zenebe Amare, Tigre
  3. Palace Security Force, Commander, Colonel Geresenay, Tigre
  4. Banks’ Security Force, Commander, Colonel Hawaz Woldu, Tigre
  5. Engineering College, Commander, Colonel Halefom Ejigou, Tigre
  6. Heath Science College, Commander, Colonel Tesfaye Giday, Tigre
  7. Mulugeta Buli Technical College Commander, Colonel Meleya Amare, Tigre
  8. Resource Management College Commander, Colonel Letayi Tigre
  9. Staff & Command College, Commander, Brg General Tesfaye Giday Tigre
  10. Bilate Training Center, Commander, Colonel Salih Berihu, Tigre
  11. Hurso Training Center, Commander, Colonel Negash Hiluf, Tigre
  12. Awash Arba Training Center, Commander, Colonel Muze, Tigre
  13. Bir Shelko Training Center, Commander, Colonel Negasi Shekortet, Tigre
  14. Head of Admin., the Ministry of Defense, Brg.Gen. Mehari Zewde, Tigre
  15. Dejen Defense Aviation, Head, Brg General Kinfe Dagenew, Tigre
  16. Defense Ministry, Head of Research, Brg. Gen. Halfom Chento, Tigre
  17. Defense Ministry, Head of Legal Affairs, Colonel Askale, Tigre
  18. Head of the Office of the Chief of Staff, Colonel Tsehaye Manjus, Tigre
  19. Head of Indoctrinated Centre , Brg. General Akele Asaye, Amhara
  20. Head of Communication, Colonel Sibhat, Tigre
  21. Head of External Affairs, Colonel Hasene, Tigre
  22. Head, Special Forces coordinating Center, Brg. Gen Fiseha Manjus, Tigre
  23. Head of operations Department, Colonel Wodi Tewik, Tigre
  24. Planning and Program Department Head, Colonel Teklai Ashebir, Tigre
  25. Defense Industry Coordinating Head, Colonel Wodi Negash, Tigre
  26. Head of Finance in the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Zewdu, Tigre
  27. Head of Purchasing in the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Gidey, Tigre
  28. Head of Budget Department, Ato Brehane Tigre

This short documentary video is an other evidence that shows the figures, and more hard evidences about tigrean domination in the economy and top government position can be found [here] , [here] and [here].

At the ministerial levels, there are few Amharas, Oromos, Southern, and individuals from the plethora of ethnic groups of Ethiopia holding formal (symbolic) positions, yet the real decision makers, movers, and shakers are Tigrayans.

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