Ethiopian billionaire loses legal fight vs US journalist Kifle

By Staff

Ethiopian billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi reportedly lost in his lawsuit against popular US-based Ethiopian journalist Elias Kifle.

The billionaire hired the US law firm DLA piper to sue Elias for defaming him and his family on the website

Al Amoudi, who is a supporter of the Ethiopian government, has legally targetted Elias since 2010. This time the billionaire lost after an Atlanta division US District Court dismissed the lawsuit due to “lack of subject matter jurisdiction.” The plaintiff has been ordered to pay Elias Kifle’s legal expenses.

Al Amoudi is popular in Ethiopia for his philanthropy work, including funding hospitals, museums, developments and events nationwide.

But he is also controversial for his support of the EPRDF ruling party in Ethiopia and monopolizing some domestic sectors, like mining. Forbes listed him as the second richest black man in the world.

Elias is a vocal opponent of the Ethiopian government and its powerful allies like the billionaire. He has often asked for the overthrow of the Ethiopian government in addis ababa, due to human rights abuses in the country.


The Ethiopian ruling party EPRDF has a long record of human rights abuses over its near two decades of rule.  It has been accused of committing crime against humanity in the Ogaden region and massacre of civilians in Oromia and Gambella region in 2003. In the 1990s, the ruling party branch OPDO and ally OLF groups together instigated bloody ethnic violence, that killed thousands of ethnic Amhara minority in the south.

The ruling party controlled police also killed over two hundred opposition protestors in 2005. Over the years, the Tigrayan dominated leadership of EPRDF is accused of monopolizing the military and the economy. Critics label the regime’s “ethnic-federalism” system as an apartheid, and for marginalizing millions of mixed Ethiopians whose ancestors are multiethnic. Most recently, several dozen Oromo students were killed and hundreds arrested by police for opposing an unpopular plan to expand the capital city.

Elias Kifle has published various articles demanding the West to end support for the Ethiopian government. He has been editor-in chief of the Ethiopian review journal since its launch in 1991.

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One Response to Ethiopian billionaire loses legal fight vs US journalist Kifle

  1. Million

    November 23, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    Who cares any more about your banda behind. Well you were a liar. Admit it. You probably fabricated at least some if not all of the stories on these guys. You are a complete desperate pathological liar. Your story on Andargachew and ESAT is a clear testimony to that.

    As a so called journalist,why didn’t you show up at the recent conference? i.e ” Ethio-Eritrea relation? “That was another proof that you had been lying to us all these years about Ethiopian oppositions in Eritrea.You and others like you are a losers. You should have been at this conference to prove your case against those who were ready to debate you at that venue.

    You probably need find a way to really apologize our community and move on.