Ethiopian Athletes suffering at Heathrow Airport

By Tamiru Geda, London (30 august 2009) Two Ethiopian men Athletes, who missed their flight after participating on the recent international meeting in Scotland, are subjected to psychological and financial problems.

According to our sources, the two Ethiopians were supposed to leave for Addis on Thursday. They were at the Ethiopian airlines Checking point (Terminal three) on Friday afternoon; however their request to catch the 21:35 flight was refused by the Airlines officials who, said that the Airline is not responsible for the incident.

“We tried to inform our team leaders that we were in Sheffield United (England), visiting our friends and when we came back here (at the air port) we are told we missed our Flight. …” one of the athlete desperately said.

He further said that they have already finished their allowance – a pocket money less than $100 – and they don’t know what they are going to do.

It is not yet known whether the Ethiopian Airlines reconsider their request to traveling to Addis .It is also reported that four other Ethiopians Athletes from the same group have already deserted  on last Wednesady in Scotland before the competition took place.

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