Ethiopia, Zenawi again

Posted on May 29, 2010 by Robert — Meles Zenawi’s done to reconfirm the power for another mandate. And ‘president since 1991, but the power has not worn out and has been busy to stay. He won the overwhelming majority of seats against a coalition of eight parties which did not leave even crumbs. The elections a farce even by African standards, are introducing a formality which Zenawi became the darling of West, but are little more than a formality.

The opposition candidates are regularly intimidated and jailed and their parties are yet to resume the last elections, which had the unfortunate idea to challenge with a demonstration ended in a bloodbath. After the army killed several hundred opponents, well thought Zenawi accusing opposition leaders for the deaths and its courts have subsequently proceeded to condemn them to death, except “thank you” in response to international pressure. Since then go in and out of prison, according to the mood of the dictator and of course with the approaching election challenge nearly all are back in jail.

The last mandate, as well as the massacre of the opposition, the bloody repression of the Ogaden region and have imprisoned more than twenty thousand students in camps in the desert, Zenawi has distinguished itself for having invaded Somalia on behalf of the Administration Bush. But we must not think Meles as a pupil of Republicans, as to find out it was Bill Clinton, the first U.S. president to focus on his talent and name it as “a new generation of African leaders.”

Zenawi good press in the West, which derives from the “impressive” results of economic growth in his country. From sub-zero is easy to grow the economy by several percentage points a year, just a few projects of dubious taste and great expense as the work hydraulic built by Salini, opened by Frattini and collapsed a week later for boosted GDP . So just as a military supply boosted the import or export of energy produced by dams to inflate the figure of exports, leaving the dark but the Ethiopians.

Nothing strange if one of the most corrupt governments in the world is granted any license because it bears a proxy war, but not anything to boast as a success, so that in Ethiopia are still dying of hunger and much of the population is undernourished, despite the surge in GDP.

Ethiopia has even been taken instead, for example those genes from the African brothers who run the International Monetary Fund and has become as good as its dictator has become a respectable “president elect”, a qualification that is not denied to any of dictators aligned with the West.

Italy, as a colonial power reference, has less than nothing and then in Italy do not talk about anything, except to celebrate with Frattini great works built with Italian funding, collapsing immediately. Italy fatigue even to grant political asylum to victims of the dictatorship.

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