Ethiopia under Siege

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By Zenebe G. Tamirat – Ever since the EPRDF seized power by the muzzle of the gun Ethiopia has been under impediment of securing its unity and territorial integrity. Woyanie as if Ethiopia is a conquered land has been forfeiting its interest in favor of those who wish to robe her. This has been the case when Eritrea was allowed to secede and now a case when Ethiopia’s land is granted to Sudan.

It is to be recalled that under the leadership of Meles TPLF forces fought against Ethiopia supporting Eritrean gorillas that claimed that secession was their goal. Among leaders who rushed to recognize the secession of Eritrea was Melese Zenawi, followed by leaders of the United States, Egypt and Italy. Among those who were invited to speak during the day Eritrea celebrated its secession was Meles Zenawi and he tuned his blessings to the secessions of Eritrea in words that were appalling and shocking to all Ethiopians of walk of life. There has been no leader in history that was intoxicated with the pleasure of the secession of a province that he/she rules except Zenawi. With the exception of probably colonialists such as Britain that purposely conceded land that they occupied in their colonies to other nations and communists such as Vladimir Lenin that allowed the secession of Finland from the Soviet Union no leader has ceded an inch of land from the territory it rules. After the secession of Finland, even brute & worst communists such as Stalin have rejected to accept secessions from the USSR.The shameful news last weekend brought to the ears of Ethiopians is the granting of Ethiopian land to the Sudan by the government of Melese Zenawi. This reckless act indicates a number of facts. It indicates that Melese Zenawi is a leader with no wish to protect the interest of the people he rules by force. It indicates that Zenawi does not care a bit for the well being of the people of Ethiopia. It also indicates that he does not give a heed for the history and the sacrifices paid by the Martyr leaders of Ethiopia to protect its unity and territorial integrity. But greatly indeed it indicates that Zenawi is an absolute tyrant that considers his people as nuts and worthless. By ceding their land to foreign bodies Zenawi is showing not only his abhorrence to his people but his neglect and disrespect to our nation. What a shame! And how long do we contain this and much other havoc that are brought over us by Zenawi and his collaborators. Frankly speaking I doubt now if Melese Zenawi is truly an Ethiopian because Melese Zenawi by his acts is completely “anti-Ethiopia.” I believe as many Ethiopians do that had he been truly an Ethiopian he would not have allowed foreigners take over our land.The odd thing that surprises Ethiopians is that we got the news from the Sudanese rather than the Ethiopian chieftains. According to reports a joint Sudanese-Ethiopian Committee had already started “to hand over agricultural lands to residents of more than 17 Sudanese villages located in Eastern Atbara River along the Ethiopia-Sudan border” it is also reported that Governor of Al-Gadarif State in Eastern Sudan has confirmed the news by stating that, “this step came as an implementation of the 1971 agreement “that requires the re-demarcation of the border between Ethiopia and the Sudan. According to the Sudan Tribune issue of May 13, “17 cooperative societies” have been formed “in addition to other previous societies in order to support the farmers within the frame work .of the agricultural campaign on one hand and to consolidate the Sudanese land on the other.”
The news from VOA indicates that 28 Ethiopians are in Sudanese jail with little food available to them. The Ethiopian Ambassador to the Sudan was not able to help the victims as he deals only with immigration and not border cases according to interview held with the victims.According to official statement of “Solidarity Committee to Ethiopian Political Prisoners Sudanese soldiers who have occupied Ethiopian Land have abducted 34 Ethiopians from several farms and taken them to the Sudan where they are still being held.”

The silence from the side of the Woyane led EPRDF Government is predictable because they are going to tell us a cooked story after handling our land to the Sudan. Some may disagree with this prediction but what ever is the case it is evident that Ethiopia is going to loose the land belonging to her for thousands of years.

To day we are forced to visualize in our mind the decapitated head of Emperor Yohanese IV in the hands of the brutal Sudanese forces that invaded Ethiopian villages in Metema, Quara and else where in the border. To day we are compelled to examine our hearts, our stamina and gut and decide weather we are ruled by an enemy or an ally? To day, I think it is time to realize who is killing our compatriots in Quara, Metema and all around the borders of the Sudan. Is it Melese Zenawi, Albeshir or both? There is but one answer to this question. It is MELESE that is killing our compatriots living in the areas around the borders of the Sudan and we got to do something about it!

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