Ethiopia: Political prisoners and their accounts of Torture (AHRE)

Two Monks from Waldba Monastry among prisoners under the bogus charge of “Terrorism”

November 26, 2017 Part II

This is the second part of torture accounts of prisoners in Ethiopia’s prisons. Association of Human Rights in Ethiopia (AHRE) has gathered testimonies of torture and other inhuman and illegal treatments of prisoners in detention centres, prisons, military camps, and other
undisclosed areas.

The selected stories are translated from Amharic with the aim of notifying the international community the dire conditions of Ethiopia’s political prisoners at this time, and the highly disturbing prison system in the country. The stories also affirm Ethiopia’s government’s
politicized use of the ominous Anti-Terrorism Proclamation, and the inability of the justice system to protect the safety of prisoners. Equally important- the prisoners’ accounts also exemplify the ways Ethiopian authorities, in violation of constitutional and international
obligations, continue to use power to silence, criminalize, torture, and kill dissidents. Click here to read full report in PDF.

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