Ethiopia Maid killed her newborn baby from her Emirati sponsor, Abu Dhabi court hears

Ayesha Al Khoori — February 16, 2014,

L S, from Ethiopia, married her Emirati sponsor where she was working and continued to live with his family.

The sponsor, A J, was already married, she then found out she was pregnant but did not tell those living with her, the Criminal Court heard on Thursday.

After nine months, she gave birth on her own in her room late at night, and after checking that the baby was breathing, she strangled him to death, the court heard.

Her lawyer said many women suffer from complications while giving birth.

“Any complication could affect the child. She was alone and did not have medical equipment. The umbilical cord could have strangled the baby, which is very common in natural births,” she said.

A forensic doctor told the court that in such cases, the child would be dead already or will be partially breathing, but the reports show the baby was breathing normally.

Medical reports also showed massive bruises on the boy’s face, close to the mouth and nose area.

The maid denied harming the baby or attempting to murder him.

She said she only checked his breathing after she gave birth to him by placing her palm close to the baby’s face to feel him inhaling and exhaling.

The lawyer then requested the court to look for another suspect, claiming someone else could have committed the crime.

“Is it possible she is pregnant for nine months and no one felt it? No one saw? That is not possible. Someone must have known and committed the crime,” said the lawyer.

The case was adjourned to February 27.

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