Ethiopia Lawmaker Seeks Asylum in Holland

Getachew Teshale Kassa8 March 2009 (EMF) — Mr. Getachew Teshale Kassa, Member of Parliament (CUD) from the Yechereka (Agew Awi) constituency applied asylum in The Netherlands escaping the ever growing persecutions, it was revealed today.

In his brief interview with EMF, the former businessman and MP, Mr. Getachew said that he was constantly persecuted; severely beaten, tortured and thrown away at Awi desert before he left his country for airing his grievances on the ongoing crimes of humanity against the Amharas.

“The ongoing atrocity of the Meles regime against me and our citizens throughout the country is the reason for my defect.” Mr. Getachew Teshale said.

The Body of Mr. Getachew also shows torture signs.

“The political persecutions are very severing in the regional states, than in capital Addis Ababa where diplomats and the private media are relatively monitoring the situation.” Getachew said.

Contrary to the constitution, elected member of parliament faces torture and imprisonment unless he complies with the interests of the ruling TPLF regime. Opposition MPs are symbolically represented in the parliament as a show case to the ruling regime to deceive donor nation.

Mr. Getachew is the one of the tens of MPs who is forced to exile.

Since it lost almost all seats in the May 2005 general elections, the Meles Zenawi regime has vowed vengeance against the entire Ethiopian people, Mr. Getachew added.

Also watch his interview with EriTV.

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