Ethiopia bans NGOs

Monday, 18 February 2013 15:13

Ethiopia on Friday banned three civic organisations accusing them of doing ‘illegal religious activities.’

The ban came at a time when [LINK=]Ethiopian muslims are protesting[/LINK] against perceived government interference in their activities.

No further details were made available by the government on the alleged illegal activities that led to the ban.

Observers fear the latest move by the government would spark protests by muslims in the Horn of Africa country.

One Euro, Islamic Cultural and Research Center and Gohe Child, Youth and Women Development were affected by the ban.

Ethiopia has banned a number of non governmental organisations since it introduced the Civic Organisations Law two years ago.

The law seeks control operations of NGOs and their source of funding.

According to the law, any civic group that receives more than 10 percent of its funding from foreign sources cannot be involved in human rights advocacy or capacity building, among other activities.

The Ethiopia Civic Organizations Registrar said the banned organisations were using money from donors to fund personal affairs.

The agency said it had also sent a warning to some 109 civic organisations considered to be violating the law.

Ethiopia has 2,854 registered civic and charity organisations.

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One Response to Ethiopia bans NGOs

  1. shibru

    February 24, 2013 at 2:56 AM

    Please not there are “NGO”s that will not be banned in Ethiopia because such “NGO’s were created by and for some former EPRDF informants and fighters. Some of them operate right in the heart of Addis.

    This writer knows an “NGO” whose “manager” literally owner was a former fighter, now informer, and who — through channeling the funds — has already established a big company that imports and distributes security equipment.

    The gentleman literally orders his handpicked staff to prepare false fuel receipts; he has hundreds of illegally printed blank fuel-station receipts bearing the names of a few stations in Addis.

    The guy has surrounded himself with his fellow ethnically the same individuals as his “Board of Directors”.

    Even some foreign dignitaries are led to visit his “NGO” when they come to AACA.