Ethiopia arrests 2 journalists on terrorism charges

Shimeles Kamal and Demelash Gebremichael

Shimeles Kamal (left) and Demelash Gebremichael (right)

Government says Awramba’s editor held under anti terrorism law

The Ethiopian Government has officially disclosed about Woubshet’s
arrest today. In a press conference jointly given by Shimeles Kamal,
Deputy head of government communication affairs office and Demelash
Gebremichael, Deputy Commissioner of Federal police, Woubshet will be
charged under the new anti terrorism proclamation. However, Shimels failed to explain journalists connection with the so-called-terrorism group, or could not able to name the “groups”.

According to Awramba Times report: the statement given to local and International Medias, four suspects are under custody (including Woubshet Taye and Reiot Alemu) in connection with terrorism related charges. The statement declared that those suspects had “a connection with some opposition groups and are backed by the Eritrean Government to dismantle certain infrastructure facilities in Ethiopia. The officials affirmed that the suspects will have the right to be visited by their friends and relatives”.

While CPJ asked about Woubshet’s arrest last week, Shemelis Kemal,
denied any journalists were in detention in the country. “There are no
journalist arrests, incarcerated in Ethiopia,” he said. “We have a law
prohibiting pretrial detention of journalists. No arrest could be
initiated on account of content.”

According to Washington Post; International media rights groups have been calling for the release of Reeyot Alemu, a columnist for the independent weekly Feteh, and Woubshet Taye, deputy editor-in-chief of the weekly Awramba Times newspaper.

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