Ethiopia and Eritrea: Brothers at war no more – Aljazeera

New internal and external dynamics are shaping the relations between the two countries.

Goitom Gebreluel

Goitom Gebreluel is an advisor at the International Law and Policy Institute. He has previously worked for the Norwegian government (Norad) and taught foreign policy studies at Mekelle University, Ethiopia.

Kjetil Tronvoll

Kjetil Tronvoll is a professor of peace and conflict studies at Bjorknes College, and Senior Partner at the International Law and Policy Institute. He has written Brothers at War: Making Sense of the Ethiopian-Eritrean War and The Lasting Struggle for Freedom in Eritrea.

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2 Responses to Ethiopia and Eritrea: Brothers at war no more – Aljazeera

  1. Tedla Asfaw

    December 8, 2013 at 10:13 PM

    55tedlaasfaw95 • a few seconds ago
    This analysis completely ignored the political dynamics in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Such analysis is only serving the dictatorship both in Addis Ababa and Asmara. Both regimes who took power in 1991 ruled Ethiopia jointly before the Badme war of 1998-2000 by dismantling all Ethiopian institutions.

    The Ethiopian army and Air Force was dismantled. Addis Ababa University and the Ethiopian Civil Administration was dismantled and replaced by anti Ethiopia tribal institutions. Ethiopia was replaced by Bantusta ethnic enclaves while Eritrea remained a “united” state.

    Ethiopian nationalism was replaced by ethnic nationalism while Eritrean nationalism was allowed to grow. Eritrea and the TPLF/Woyane honeymoon finally came to an end when Tigrean nationalists refused to take order from Eritrea.

    The Badme war of 1998-2000 was not about border it was an economic war. The isaias regime knows very well that without exploiting Ethiopia it will not survive as an “independent country”. That is now proven for all. The young are fleeing for better life on their way many lost their lives.

    The Badme war was also a good opportunity for Ethiopian nationalists to punish all anti Ethiopian forces. Pilots and the former army officers were called for duty. Most joined believing that they will punish Asmara and the anti Ethiopia TPLF/Woyane cliques.

    Unfortunately the pro Eritrea Meles Zenawi who was plotting far from the war in his comfortable palace in Addis saved Eritrea when the battle was closing in all fronts to topple Isaias.

    The stalemate since 2000 has been exploited by the Ethiopian dictatorship. 9/11 was God send for the Ethiopian dictatorship. The late Meles Zenawi contracted himself to USA as a fighter of terrorism. He got a free license to terrorize Ethiopians !!!

    The late Meles Zenawi got a free hand to kill and jail opposition members after he lost the 2005 election. isaias was accused for human rights violations and for not organizing fake elections like that of Ethiopia. Classic Double Standard by the West !!!

    Asmara was labelled as an ally of Al Shabab while Ethiopia was contracted to fight war in Somalia. The regime in Ethiopia has been financed by the West while Eritrea has been under economic sanction.

    Badme or border demarcation is immaterial for both regimes now. If they come to settle this difference tomorrow they can not settle the growing dissatisfaction both in Eritrea and Ethiopia. More than anytime they need each other to put down the popular uprising which is going to come soon in both countries.

    It is only free people both in Eritrea and Ethiopia will make a long lasting peace. We know that Ethiopians and Eritreans from more than two decades of division and separation learnt a lot. What we got for more than two decades is death and abuse as refugees in Middle East and human rights violations in our countries. We need to rise up and free ourselves from the tyrants in Asmara and Addis. Running away is not an option, it is time to fight for our freedom and dignity.

    The above opinion disregard the will of the people and want to perpetuate tyranny in Ethiopia while rooting for a proxy state in Asmara. The minority led regime in Addis Ababa is as bad as the tyranny in Asmara if not worst. The writers seem to deny that fact or purposely are promoting the racist mafia regime of Addis Ababa.

  2. Emba Denden

    December 9, 2013 at 8:10 PM

    Eritrea is different country because during armed no Ethiopia politician or people opposed day night bombing our villages even when Meles said that he does not love the color of, the brainless Hired Ethiopian soldiers came to invade our land. You Ethiopians talk or write about your country otherwise Eritrea is for Eritreans only stay out of our affairs.