ESFNA update: big name weak organization

Picture by EMF: ESFNA’s 2008 special guests, the fourth from left Abenet Gebremeskel, representing Sheik Al-Amoudi.

ESFNA’s festival is opened yesterday with extremely large numbers of Ethiopians who are gathered from all over the world. The opening ceremony is below expectation and the organization is extremely poor. Journalists are unable to get in to stadium as before because the organizers have failed to issue a press pass to journalists for a lame reason of technical problem. Earlier, this large organization, which brings all Ethiopians togather,  has been criticized by the media for taking money from EPRDF affiliated millionaire Sheik Al-Amoudi. “If you have money you will be a special guest of honour”, Critics say who saw Abnet as guest of honour. ESFNA didn’t mention this earlier.

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