ESFNA update: join hands to get rid of Zenawi, Prof Daniel

elsa1.gif“We have to join hands and get rid of Meles Zenawi before Ethiopia is totally disintigrated.” Professor Daniel Kinde told the audience yesterday at Ethio-Sudan Border Committee meeting in Washington Marriott. Dr. Daniel Kinde presents an assesement of the the role being played by Meles Zenawi to totally destroy the Nation. He presents a step by step move to destroy Ethiopia. “Meles has committed three major crimes,” Dr. Daniel said. “He will justice for trason, genocide and embezzselement”. He finally proposed for establishment of committtes to investigate and file documents. Several speakes have presented their views on the land given to Sudan at the meeting. Today, people will gather at the Woyanne embassy in Washington DC to protest the Woyane secret land deal. (Pictue by EMF: Ethiopianism feeling is highly reflected among the youth at the stadium.)

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