ESFNA released statement regarding Midroc

EMF: Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America released statement regarding the misunderstanding it had with MIDROC. On its statement the Federation sent message to players, fans and supporters to know the situation is handled by their attorneys and expected to settle in an amicable fashion very soon. [Click here to read the PDF]

Here is press release


June 16, 2011

ESFNA’s 28th Annual Tournament to be held in ATLANTA from July 3, to July 9, 2011 is on schedule and preparation is going very well, awaiting the arrival of thousands of our fellow compatriots and friends of Ethiopia. The local organizing committee is feverishly working to put final touches in their effort to make the event memorable and one for the ages.

We want our players, fans and supporters to know that, the misunderstandings we have with MIDROC are being handled by our respective attorneys and we have reason to believe that it will be settled in an amicable fashion very soon.

ESFNA highly values its relationship with MIDROC and will always be grateful for the continued and unprecedented support we enjoyed in the past. Given the long history between ESFNA and MIDROC we are confident this issue will be resolved soon so we can re-focus our attention to what we do best, which is “Bringing Ethiopians Together” for the 28th year in a row with many more to come.


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