Eritrean Leaders Are Running Out Of Options

Joe Michael | 16 Sept. 2008 — The most blatant and undeniable fact about the current Eritrea is how much its leaders failed their country. Every decision they have made, it has took the country backward. As a result, Eritreans have less confidence on their political leaders today than what they have 20 years ago, while the leaders were sill in the bushes fighting for self-government.

In the late 1991, right after the Derg regime was removed; the EPRDF urged the Eritrean armed forces again and again to join the transitional government in Addis Ababa while the Eritrea fate was still to be decided by its people. However, Eritrean politicians rejected every call and stayed away from all the discussion stages. Once they have controlled Asmara, they didn’t want to be part of any meeting that speaks of consolidation. They isolated themselves from all negotiations and devoted for their own self-government. In fact, they came under scrutiny by the West for staying away and abandoning all dialogue stages before even Eritrea was officially recognized as a country.

While some Eritreans shored up for the idea of the rush to the self-government, some were misled and some were even forced to support. The group’s talking heads went door to door with their fictitious stories and told Eritreans how wealthy; prosperous they would be if they support the armed forces. They told Eritreans about the legend of the Phoenix mystical bird that was made of ashes and promised them that they will produce gold out of wood. Some walked around with virtual pictures of the future of Eritrea showing skyscrapers and villas and had swindled the people.

Years, in fact, decades passed by, but the promises have yet to come. Let alone the gold, wealth, and the skyscrapers, after 19 years of self-government Eritrea finds itself in deep crisis. Things are worst than before that its people have lost their fortitude and are not hoping any longer. They are rather craving to skip out of the country more than they wish to see the promises coming true.

Eritrean leaders emphasized for wars and conflicts to blame their failures. Thus, they have engaged in wars and conflicts with their neighbors; Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen, etc. for no success.

Unfortunately, war itself is no longer an option as there is no neighbor country left to clash with. Therefore, the Eritrean leaders are running out of options and noticeably getting forced to face the crisis they have created to their own people.

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