EPRDF warned oppostion MPs

temesgen_and_beyene.JarsoAccording to reliable sources, Mr. Shiferaw Jarso, the ruling Revolutionary Democrats’ group leader at the Ethiopian rubber stamp parliament invited Mr. Temesgen Zewde, leader of CUDP/UDJ parliament group and seriously warn him not to speak in parliament as a group again. With this decision, the 40 member opposition group will have no say at all, let alone initiate motions. The decision came after Mr. Temesgen Zewdie has asked the rubber stamp parliament to investigate the case of Sudanese soldiers occupying several Ethiopian towns and villages. Elected members of parliaments are also complaining that they are being degraded by the ruling EPRDF. They are compelled to take their belts and shoes off on a very cold floor for every session. “The people honourably elected us but the regime is despising us,” Dr. Beyene, an opposition MP told reporter. Adios democracy!

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