EPRDF is heading to win by 99%

25 May 2010 (EMF) – Poll results indicate the incumbent regime of Ethiopia is winning by 99 present of the vote casted on Sunday, leading the nation from a multi-party drama to a one party – one- person absolute dictatorship. Meles Zenwai, a man leading towards 25 years in power is expected to give a press statement. EPRDF has ‘won’ 500 out of 547 parliamentary seats as announced so far by the Zenawi-controlled election board.  Today, residents of Addis Ababa and major cities are forced to rally against the Human Right Watch.

HRW report indicates, “Intimidation to register and to vote for the ruling party is everywhere.”

The New York-based Human Rights Watch criticized Sunday’s vote as corrupted by pre-election irregularities, including telling voters they could lose food assistance, public-sector jobs, loans and educational opportunities if they voted against the ruling party.

The regime accuses HRW as a “neo-colonialists”  interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.

Sources told EMF that demonstrators in Addis, Awassa and Bahirdar are threatened by EPRDF cadres to take on the streets. Some have even no clue as to why they are rallying.

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