Ephrem Isaac with new assignment

Ephrem IssacAddis Ababa (EMF) 02 May 2009 – Professor Ephrem Isaac, the chief Shimagele, during the process of the negotiation between Meles Zenawi and Kinijit leaders has embarked up on new business of “negotiation” for the release of UDJ/Andinet chairwoman, Birtukan Mideksa.

The elders have been kept silent when the charismatic leader of UDJ, Birtukan Mideksa, has been unjustly incarcerated and languishing at Kality prison, despite calls from the public to unfold the truth behind the negotiations.

Observers say the new start of ‘negotiation’ by Ephrem Isaac and co. is an effort to relax the ever growing tension and public discontent against the Meles/Bereket regime. Several initiatives are currently under way to find a way out of the internal political crisis in Ethiopia.

“They [elders] appears to the media when the regime wants him to do so.” An observer said. “They are there to find a way out of the internal social, political and economic crisis in Ethiopia. They are government rescue team.” it added.

After the re-arrest of Birtukan Mideksa, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Ato Muluneh Eyoel and Ato Anteneh wrote an extensive article referring Ephrem Isaac as a simple messenger from Meles Zenawi to beg and plead with kinijit leaders for the regime to gracefully get out of the messes. They also said him [and Meles Zenawi]  Pathologic liar for his failure to keep the promises and the agreements reached. They say the negotiations between the regime and the prisoners were not merely to secure their release, but it was also agreed on a new dialogue process based on CUD’s eight point conditions.

The elders say no word about that.

Earlier, EMF had reported that Ephrem Isaac was in The Hague, The Netherlands leading a three-member elders’ committee to hold a secret meeting with one faction of OLF leadership. The mission was aimed at eroding OLF by taking advantage of its crisis.

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