EFJA cites international support as key to improving press freedom

(EFJA/IFEX) – It has been six years since EFJA was illegally suspended by Ethiopia’s dictatorial government and prevented from carrying out its activities; EFJA’s office was robbed and closed by the government. Almost all members of the association have gone into exile to avoid danger, and a few brave members who remain in the country are paying great sacrifices.

We have appreciated the protests and condemnations made by IFEX members against the undemocratic and repressive measure being taken by the Ethiopian government against EFJA.

We firmly believe that by standing solidly behind EFJA, IFEX and its membership have and will continue to demonstrate their professional and international obligations as organisations that defend press freedom.

We shall continue our struggle with the support of our members who advocate press freedom, our people, as well as through the ceaseless cooperation of IFEX members and our international partners who stand for press freedom.

I am firmly convinced that the great pressure imposed on us by the government, the illegal measures which the government has taken against us and other serious problems which we are facing at present can be alleviated through the continued support extended to us by IFEX and its members.

Press freedom shall flourish in Ethiopia, the entire African continent and the world!

Kifle Mulat
EFJA President

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