EAC Urges Rep. Honda to Endorse House Resolution

Ethiopian-American-CouncilSubject: House Resolution 861 – Supporting Respect for Human Rights and Encouraging Inclusive Governance in Ethiopia.

Dear Representative Honda:

We are sure that you are aware that the majority of the regular citizens of Ethiopia are fed up with the heavy-handed – often murderous – governance imposed on the nation by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), a party comprised of a political, ethnic minority.

The EPRDF and its security forces have such a strangle-hold on the once-vibrant nation, that the party now controls 100% of the seats in Ethiopia’s parliament since the elections of 2015. No true and viable democracy ever has had, nor ever will have – nor should have – such a record.

Difference, debate, and compromise are the hallmarks of democracy and these principles demand healthy opposition. The EPRDF secured its parliamentary seats by murdering those not aligned with the regime, or locking them up, or beating them, or forcing them into exile, or denying them access to ballot boxes.

Your colleague, Mr. Chris Smith of New Jersey, has offered to the Committee on Foreign Affairs: “House Resolution 861 – Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia.” The resolution has been endorsed by your colleagues, Mr. Al Green of Texas, Mr. Mike Coffman of Colorado, and Mr. Eliot Engel of New York.

Congressman Honda, as Co-Chair of the Ethiopian American Congressional Caucus, and as someone whom we have always admired for your concern regarding the people of Ethiopia, as well as members of the Ethiopian Diaspora – an exodus fostered by the corrupt EPRDF regime – we ask that you include your endorsement of this historic resolution.

The resolution is strong and harsh in addressing the wrongs done to the people of Ethiopia, and it is likewise strident in addressing how those citizens should be relieved of the oppression now delivered upon them by the EPRDF. We respectfully request that you become a signatory.

Eventually, we must consider the aid offered to Ethiopia through U.S. largesse, and how those monies are being used to squelch political and social opposition, or to line the pockets of corrupt politicians.

We once again thank you on behalf of the Ethiopian people. We thank you for your resolve in helping the nation of Ethiopia to one day become a respected democracy – not a fiefdom ruled by oppressive kleptocrats


Abebe Hailu

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One Response to EAC Urges Rep. Honda to Endorse House Resolution

  1. thomas taye

    October 2, 2016 at 4:42 PM

    plzzz stop to contaminate our society. you are all notion disabled bipedal animals with zero times and sky end ideas. we are ethiopian…. we now what to do.