Dr. Mussie Tegegn fired, EPPF reorganizes its Council

9 November 2008 — The executive committee of the Ethiopian People Patriotic Front (EPPF) decided to fire Dr. Mussie Tegegn, EPPF representative in Asmara from his position. The decision by the EPPF leadership to replace Dr. Mussie Tegegn was made after the executive committee became dissatisfied with his performance. Former kinijit MP, Ato Leul Qeskis is the new chairman.

EPPF leadership has reorganized its International Committee and named its officials last week. The movement’s primary responsibility will be to mobilize Ethiopians around the world to support the organization, according to the leadership.

The newly restructured International Council has 20 members and a 9-member executive committee.

Members of the executive committee include:

Ato Leul Qeskis, Chairman
Ato Kassaye Mersha, Vice-Chairman
Ato Assefa Hailu, Secretary General
Ato Sileshi Tilahun, Head of Organizational Affairs
Ato Zewdalem Kebede, Head of Public Relations
Ato Daniel Gobeze, Spokesperson
Ato Demis Belete, Head of the Press Office
Ato Melke Mengiste, Head of Social Affairs
Ato Getachew Teyet, Head of Logistics

The above executives are also part of the 20-member International Council.

Additionally, according to the EPPF leadership, an advisory group of at least 10 individuals is being formed.

The chairman, Ato Leul Qeskis, and the Secretay General, Ato Assefa Hailu, were elected to parliament in 2005 as members of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (Kinijit). When the Woyane regime stole the election, and after witnessing the atrocities Woyannes were committing against their constituents, instead of joining the rubber-stamp parliament, both of them, along with three other parliamentarians, chose to join the EPPF fighters. After 3 months in the field, the EPPF leadership decided that they are more needed in the political field and sent them to Asmara. Currently, Ato Luel and Ato Assefa are in Europe. With their new role, they will make frequent trips between the Diaspora and the camps in the field where all the EPPF top leadership and fighters are.

To explain these and other developments, the chairman of EPPF International Council, Ato Leul Qeskis, will hold a press conference next Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008, at 3:00 PM Washington DC time.

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