Dr. G. Bekele on Lidetu and Co.

Editor’s note: Lidetu Ayalew is on  government payroll to work as undercover agent, a very confidential source told EMF. Sources close to the ruling TPLF also said that Lidetu’s role is to systematically attack all potential threats to the regime. He is also financed to travel inside and outside the country for this mission.

Lidetu Kihdetu a Reject of Addis, Bugna & Yared Hailemeskel of UK’s Political Disaster in London

Dr G Bekele – London 22 November 2010

As most of you saw, heard and or read this week, a bunch of sad nobodies from the TPLF financed or puppet EDP party tried to have a political meeting in London to spy for TPLF for their so-called ANDM’s 30 years struggle anniversary very foolishly thinking that Ethiopians in London have forgotten the 2005 massacres when in fact they were in the middle of remembering those martyers who died for us all and their beloved country Ethiopia. The EDPites and their TPLF reminders like the worst hoddam of all Lidetu Kihdetu and his cult followers turned up and marched under massive police protection not through the direct route that they planned but scuttling through side streets with the plod making sure nobody got close enough to actually lay their hands onto the scum but no one bothered about them as they were only few with only family members and relatives of Yared Hailemeskel the well known hoddam and two faced chim, his wife, Alemayehu Erqyihun (Lidetu’s relative who accomodates Lidetu) and half a dozen of their friends only came to eat and drink the free food and drinks they prepared for them. But most of them either run out and or went to dark corners and corridors to hide themselves from dangers when they saw a dispute broke out that involved the British police. And this failed meeting was called successful by Yared the shameless EDP/TPLF cadre who worked day & night with Ethiopian Embassy to con the public.

Le-Bandaw Lidetu Kihdetuna Le-Hodamu Yared Hailemeskel Mot Anesachew Yalechiew Ye-Ethiopia Qebero, Edmewa Yirzem. Amen! On a more serious note though, the EDP speakers and organizers who seemed to have devised every tactical methods using the Embassy and the police to get away with murders and spread malicious gossips about us in the Diasporas, G7, OLF, AEUP, UDJP, EPRP and all others except EPRDF were quickly surrounded and then bundled inside the hall not to uttler a single word. It was like surrender by them for being defeated before even they have been touched or shot. EDP bandits and Ethiopia-betrayers who collaborated with Ethiopian murderers called the EPRDF in 2005 and thereafter too, were in the same enemy camp to cost us the last General Election for the second time, led by Lidetu Kihdetu again (praise the Lord I gave him the name Lidetu Kihdetu in my old article that is now used by the entire Ethiopian nation when at the time some website editors thought I was mad to give him (the then Nelson Mandela of Ethiopia) that nick name, insulted me and removed the article after only 24 hours to my disappointment. And the multiple-faced Yared Hailemeskel of England who has been a mouth-piece for Lidetu Kihdetu and through him too, the TPLF were really and truly humiliated in London. I was saddened to see Yared’s and especially Lidetu Kihdetu’s round and ugly face that really looked a frightened rabbit that saw big car’s headlight in the dark. I am sure his pant was wet very too? Well done my London brothers and sisters. Sorry, I could not be there in person, otherwise, I would have asked Lidetu Kihdetu to return the £450.00 expensive watch, the highest quality leather brief case, all the dozens of stationeries and many other things that I gave him foolishly thinking he was a very genuine dare-devil and patriotic politician who was one of us not as it now turned out to be, one of them: Ethiopian enemies.

Yared Hailemeskel who once was a Kinijit member and anti-EPRDF is now given the golden opportunity by the TPLF to set up businesses in Ethiopia hence I was not surprised about his barking and dying for TPLF’s Firfari. I know him well and have also published volumes about him too, but no one took notice of me until this past Sunday: the day his Lidetu died and buried alive in Ethiopian Community Hall unceremoniously and drop of tears from anyone. Any way, what this Hoddam Yared Hailemeskel called a successful meeting was probably the most painful and humiliating experience of his and Lidetu’s banda lives. To widely publicize the meeting, Yared & Co, worked day and night for months secretly and sent out few truckloads of EDP party supporters (Kehadis including the Ethiopian enemies like Yalew Kebede of London and the Ethiopian Embassy morons) as Wondimu Mekonnen exposed few in pictures to drive around churches, Ethiopian restaurants and businesses with appeal/begging leaflets only to stir trouble for themselves, to be disrupted, ridiculed, abused, confronted with anger, demonised and threatened for their deeds despite the protection and privately hired bodyguards paid for by the Embassy and police personnel ordered by the Embassy as well for their own safety. But although they knew what was coming, those EDP idiots: Lidetu, Yared, their few trusting fools and the Embassy morons thought that privately hired bodyguards, armed security people, cops with riot helmets and police horses were deployed outside to protect those blinded poor and hoddam bastards from the anger of the general public. When that did not matrialize the police told them to cancel the meeting for their own safety and the police left them dry in the empty hall, the EDPite fools were eventually spirited away out of the front entrance their heads down with great shame as unfortunately there was no a rear exit they desperately wanted. Sad!

As you lot can imagine too, the rest of the bandas were escorted back to the train station with humiliation before they even had the chance to fill their hoddam bellies with the free food and duty free drinks that the Ethiopian Embassy and some Achenchabis freely supplied for the occasion. Sadly too, they all crawled out of the Ethiopian Community Hall like suffocated Gundans or Coackroaches. The EDP Leboch and hoddams went out of their way to provoke a reaction to this so-called meeting that they did not dare to do in the US and other cities in the covilized world explicitly declaring their hatred for Ethiopian political oppositions of all kinds and especifically pro-democrat campaigners of all sorts. And this was the guy who was insulting the Ethiopian opposition in the Diasporas when he was wining and dinning with the likes of Bereket Semon in Addis forgetting that he would come abroad to beg for monies again whether he was still in rubber stamp parliament and or a rejected and defeated man. And praise the Lord, Yewoga Biresa Yetewoga Ayresam Endalut Abew, Jegnoch Ye-Ethiopia Lijoch in London taught them a big lesson that they would cherish for the rest of their banda lives. Yes, Yared’s warning and Tultula did not work and as I said to some of you too, Londoners would not be scared of ants and in fact I said if we are united and wanted we can turn out to be a Nuclear Missile not the Weapon of Mass Destruction that Bush and Tony Blair could not find in years. And the reaction was what they got on Sunday.
Londoners made me proud, really proud to be part of this movement or struggle to free the oppressed Ethiopian people and to liberate Ethiopia from foreign hired mercenaries organised as the EPRDF. You can bet from now on, and take my words too, that London will not be top of EDP’s list of favourite destinations next time they fancy a meeting or fundraising activities unless they plan a Bank Holiday trip to the Brighton, Blackpool or Bounemouth seasides and have it there lying on dirty sand. But let them be careful not to be wiped out by wind blowing at the sea. Other patriots should do the same too in future, to every banda alive if and when they try to show us disrespect to divide the Ethiopian people. Haunt them, hunt them, hurt them until they comit suicide or as Wondimu put it they all join Tamirat Layne’s Cult Club and leave Ethiopian affrais and politics to us Ethiopian patriots. Enough is enough!

The pathetic turnout from the extreme and sold-out EDP group no more than around 10 sods and morons in my estimation was in stark contrast to the handful who came to stop them. Only the presence of policing, involving the use of diplomacy, enabled the so-called EDP bandas and fascists to save their lives. Fortunately, there were enough independent minded, very responsible and brave anti-fascists present to continue the disruption of the intended meeting to divide and weaken the genuine opposition parties and Ethiopians in the Diasporas but that was not meant to be concluded as planned by those TPLF paid EDPites and weigning the organisers weaknesses and irrelevance, the police decided to deny them further protection and left them to dry alone in a freezing tiny hall. The EDP bastards thought the police would return back into their van, wear their riot helmets for the job of beating up the opposing group while escorting them back to their bloody houses. They would have faced more jeers and general hostility if they had trailed back through the town and or even gone to Ethiopian restaurants on that night. Instead, the crowd of anti-hoddams, anti-bandas, anti-fascists, chanting “Fascist scum, Nefsgedayoch, Leboch, Kehadiwoch, Jorotebiwoch, bandawoch and hoddamoch off our London were cheered to be forced to their hidden shells or caves to quench their thirsts and cool their panicked nerves with third rated and cheap foreign beers supplied by the Ethiopian Embassy.

Yes, the bandas meetings were met with steadfast resistance by brave Ethiopian men and women who went there for only one mission and they had to stop the Hoddams to force them to pack and go home with their shame. And that was what the well known compulsive, habitual, pathological liar Yared Halemeskel said their meeting if that could be called a meeting of course, was very successful also calling it a singing and dancing occasion. What does one expect from a Woyane Ashker like him too? It is now over 10 years since he started speaking the TPLF language called lies, lies and lies. And he sounds not only a cadre who washed his face with Amole Chew but also a Berekina to look whiter than white to hide himself in a sand like an Ostrich that burries its head in sand. The cadres and their bosses the TPLFites are made up of unusual soil called Lies or Wushet. Having said that, EDP leadership yet again proved to be complete wankers even after they have been used by TPLF and thrown out like dirt at the last General Election. But as one annonymous once said, “In all fairness, during speeches there was a recognition by the main steward that maybe they had done the wrong thing by not going the direct action route. I for one, have learned to keep well away from anything even vaguely resembling an official march”. Similarly, I may not have been at that meeting but thanks to some reporters, I have read few reports and saw the videos to compare it with Yared’s”EDP Meeeting Was Successful” claim. Look Yared Weirdo, don’t lie and claim victory when it wasn’t true. It does not do your cause if you have one besides serving Ethiopian enemies any good at all but only make you look and sound as TPLF puppets that you fools and hoddams are which none of dare to deny anymore. I wonder what your mum in Holeta now thinks about you? She must regreted giving birth to such weirdo, hoddam and modern day Haileselassie Gugssa of Tigrai. Sad!

As a result of my observation, you can call me that I too am converting to an EDPite and a friend of Ledetu and Yared, but I herewith awarded my old friend Yared Hailemeskel an OBE and also our late Lidetu Kihdetu aka Nelson Mandela, an MBE for swallowing all those barrages of insults and being humiliated to death on Sunday at their own meeting. It takes Feri Lenatu kind of hearts by them to take all that in, and silently disappear in day light and into the dark and cold night of London. By the way too, In UK, OBE is not a degree but stands for “Order of British Empire” and “MBE” stands for Member of British Empire a Medal given by the Queen for excellent and recognised public sevices in any field and or walk of life. But the OBE I decided to give Yared should be known as “OBE=One Boiled Egg” for organising the failed meeting and then unashamedly calling it successful and Lidetu’s MBE should be known as the “Master Banda of Ethiopia”. Hence hereafter, address these two rascals as Yared Hailemeskel OBE (One Boiled Egg receipient and Lidetu Kihdetu or Lidetu Afyalew MBE (Master Banda of Ethiopia). and of course, thanks to this writer, Lidetu Kihdetu would always be his best name until he finds the decency and wholeheartedly apologizes to the Ethiopian people for betraying the opposition parties and also exposing the entire nation to cruel death. Get a life EDP losers, especially the hoddam creature Yared and the sold out TPLF Agent Lidetu. London Community Halls belong to us democrats, Ethiopian patriots and you only managed to march to the Hall for few minutes only because of massive police protection involved in paving the way for you and protecting your sorry arses from Ethiopian lions, tigers and brave women who fearlessly rediculed you and your boss, which otherwise would have been much worse for you lot.

Well done again to the Patriotic Ethiopian People in London who resisted all the obstacles and managed to stop the EDP’s bloody scum, hoddams, thieves, opportunists, shameless crooks and born to be con-merchants, bloodsuckers and Yetelat Buchloch at Ethiopian Community on 21 November 2010 to score victory against Ethiopian enemies who previously used us all in dusguise. No more cheating EDPites? It also showed that how Ethiopians in London are tolerant, democratic, law-abiding and forgiving otherwise, Lidetu & Co, did commit a suicide to organise that meeting thinking that we are a nation divided and none of us would have guts to challenge them. They (Lidetu, Yared & Co) were responsible for the death and imprisonment of hundreds but now totally mistaken to invite the public to hear their lies. They all have paid the heavy and stiff prices that they would regret for may more years to come. Accordingly, I also urge all Patriotic Ethiopians in the UK whether they are Oromos, Sidamas, Amharas, Gurages, Ethiopian Somales, Afars, Gambellas, Tigrians and all other tribes of Ethiopia to join horns to strongly challenge the next forthcoming so-called ANDM meeting. Because you all need to know that there is no such thing as ANDM but the Woyanes have been using the name and trading and misleading the General public in the name of Amharas. The real ANDM are either in excile or in Qality University of TPLF and other disease infected and smelly prisons around the country. Hence I support and endorse the genuine and patriotic Amhara mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters call to stop those Achberbariwoch, as the late Professor Mesfin also rightly said, Hoddam Amaroch and or as our brother Wondimu Mekonnen also published an article recently saying let’s stop the Quchu-Amharoch Sick Game to be held in London. I also warn the hoddam TPLF cadre Yalew Kebede, his likes and other TPLFites not to dare to come to the so-called ANDM meeting too? I very much fear it would be much worse for the bloody bandas even if they come with the ruthless Agaazie Brigade and their guns. Ethiopiand fear the fear itself now, not the cadres and their bosses anymore.

I fully agree with him but also extend this to Quchu Oromoch, Quchu Sidamawoch, Quchu Tigrewoch and all others. What I learn from my over 35 years struggle agains the Derge who almost wiped my families and relatives out of this earth for no reason, and also TPLF is that without unity, there is no victory but no opposition wants to know that not to prolong the sufferings of our oppressed people. They further got more divided to be at loggerheads with each other and sat down hands crossed to watch the death, destruction of our country and the sale of our lands left and right. I believe in Dir Biabr, Anbessa Yasr motto otherwise, to say victory is in sight is like a day dream to me. Wake up the opposition and know that unity is strength not a weakness. Stop dreaming and start living in the real world. Any way, as for the failed EDP meeting that now became a game for a laugh and the tal of the opposition camp, overall this was I say, a really successful month for London’s anti-EPRDFites and EDPites. Londoners sent a resounding message to the farce to the EDP fools that Ethiopians in London will no longer tolerate TPLF cadre’s lies, innuendos and false lectures we all are fed up of. Better continue to fool the street children back home with free T-Shirts that we witnessed on a video. Yes the EDPites and TPLFites are idiots, hence hopefully the Sunday’s failure and or blunder will help them examin that if they really and truly had a healthy brain or not. Hurray too, because patriotic Ethiopians in London still stopped the bastards and bandas without having to stoop to their level and being harrased or arrested by the police as Megajaw Yared and Lebaw Lidetu. No one was arrested and or even questioned by police. And their private security also looked wax works or statues to me. What a way to earn money by standing still and watching the drama for free. Mind you folks, they were paid by poor Ethiopian tax payers too? Watch out, the so-called ANDM would also hire more of the wax works. More or less, from now on, all anti fascists should see TPLF and EDP as Ethiopian twin enemies and should wake up to the fact that these are Ethiopian enemies through and through therefore, we need to say no more fear of anything, no more Ye-Abesha Yilugna and no more waiting for a miracle that would be able to change TPLF for good, in our generation unless otherwise, the silent and confused Tigrians fully join us in this just struggle to destroy anti-Ethiopia elements in Tigrai, all the other false puppets and hodams once and for all. Please?

Weirdo Yared, the TPLF organised EDP bastards systematic plot has miserably failed and the Ethiopian people in London intelligently, diplomatically, tactfully and when necessary too, forcefully took implacable vengeance on you lot: the bloody conspirators and messengers of Ethiopian people murders and Ethiopia destroyers. Hence dedebu Yared Hailemeskel that was and is what is called great succes in politics not your kind of “Almotby Tegaday” Ououtta or “Aynen Gimbar Yargew Ene Befitsum Alayehutm Chachatta Or Bere Wolede” Wushet. You also reminded me of when your Patriarch Abune Paulos but for us Ethiopian-Chirstians Ato Diablos came to an Ethiopian Church in London invited and organised by the likes of Mulugeta Aserate Kassa: the cursed son of the royal family who is now working in Ireland for the regime as a modern day slave for peanuts. That time, as London church goers know, there was a bigger disruption that led to fighting hence the Diablos had to escape with lots of blood and help prepared for him and his battalions of so-called bishops carefully selected and believed to be trusted and liked delagates and securuty etc. They were lucky to escape the wrath and survive. But when Aba Diablos returned to Addis, it was broadcasted that Londoners did welcome him with Elilta, Chibcheba, bunch of flowers and warm greetings by thousands of church members and church goers. Hence watch ETV, Aiga and Walta in case they say that Lidetu was welcomed as a hero and the meeting was conducted without any problem in the presence of thousands of Ethiopians who at the end of the meeting gave him a standing ovation with gifts. And it was attended by thousands of screaming fans and EDP supporters who came from around many UK cities. And after the meeting, there was dinner and drinks.

Come on Ato Yared Hailemeskel, we all know that “Wusha Bebelabet Yichohal” because of your participation in a TPLF controlled investment circus you are now sunk in, that I am fully certain, the future democratic government of Ethiopia would look into, if appropriate and necessary too, fully nationalize them all not only as a punishment for your contribution towards the oppression of Ethiopian citizens, killing the innocents, looting of Ethiopia’s wealth and your collaboration with the Ethiopian enemies in treason, hence know buddy boy, as they say, you only live once and that life would not last forever but as the Holy Bible indicated 80 years and or a bit less or more depending with God’s plans. And also know that you would be one of those Ethiopian enemies who are going to rot in Qaliti Prison for the rest of your bloody life. Yared, as I urged you many times dude, did you ask Lidetu Kihdetu to return all those gifts I showered him with thinking he was real and anti-EPRDF too? Tell him he took all those and from others like me too, under false pretences that cannot be described as honourabe thing to do but day-light robbery or theft. Tell him that he indeed is a Moshlaqa Leba who has no dignity, ettiqutte and shame whatsoever. Yoou are two of kind murderers. As for the real Ethiopian people, go on mobilize more people, forward to, print for sharing and post this message anywhere to persuade the laid back folks to come to the so-called ANDM meeting which I really suspect either it will be cancelled, postponed or would be held in the Embassy for fear of a repeat of last Sundays’ unforgetable drama.

EDP is disabled and out of the way, next finish-off Quchu ANDM. Long live Ethiopia and bless the true Ethiopian children!

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