Dr. Berhanu’s reaction to killer Meles Zenawi

By K.Bekele, [Click here to listen to Dr. Berhanu’s reaction to Zenawi’s fake negotiation offer] There are times when you are justified to be rude. Use any word you like. The worst vulgar language at your disposal. To express yourself anyway you want to. Even if it means using profanity.

This is one of those times for me. When a killer comes back again and again when his ass is in trouble and want to use me one more time, I go mad. My blood boils. My blood pressure shoots through the roof. Bordering a heart attack or storke. Insulted. Degraded. And used like a toilet paper. And then thrown into a garbage pile.

They say, ” Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” In Amharic, ” Dingay enkifat ande gize kemetah, tifategnaw dingayu newo. Huletegna gize kemetah gin, dingayu anteneh.” Even though he did not say it in his interview openly, I think Dr Berhanu may be telling killer Zenawi that he is not smart enough to fool him. Dr. Berhanu may have told killer Meles to play that kind of fools game with others. Do you remember the fools who were tricked just before the election with wine and a kitfo dinner at Arat Kilo Palace? And then slaughtered like a chicken rooster for Easter screaming kukukukuku…ku…ku….ku.

Not Dr. Berhanu. Dr. Berhanu is no EOTC. No Hailu Showel either. Dr. Berhanu is like his name-birhan. He is our light. Shining through and through. Intelligent. Savy. And too sophisticated to be fooled by a grizzly monkey from the woods of Tigray. If we all cooperate with Dr. Berhanu, he will grab Zenawi’s ass in no time. The problem is Dr. Berhanu can’t do it alone. Dr. Berhanu needs help. And we are not helping him. Dr. Berhanu needs money. And we are not giving him. Dr. Berhanu is asking determination and resolve to kick Zenaw’s ass. But we don’t have it. We are scared and too selfish.

When Dr. Berhanu asks us to follow him and get with it, we say we have questions. What questions? We were asking questions for twenty years. My dog does not take this long to get it. Your cat does not take twenty years to get on board. Does it? Forget your questions. You will ask them after victory. You will have plenty of time then to wax and brag all day. For now, get your ass on board. Follow Dr. Berhanu. And grab Zenawi’a ass.

Zenawi is fantasizing. And hallucinating. Drugged. High on chat. He has no clue. Zenawi does not know what we are looking for these days. Since he is high, he thinks we are looking for negotiation. We are honest. We won’t lie. We tell him the truth. Does Zenawi really want the truth? Here is the honest truth. We are looking to cut his head off. Put his decapitated head on a golden platter while his blood is dripping. And present it to the Ethiopian people on that fateful day. D-day. Seriously. We are not bluffing.

Killer Zenawi and his mafia gang are public enemies number one. Killer Zenawi gunned down Shibre Desalegn and 200 others on broad day light in Addis Abeba. If you are Sibre Desalegn’s father, mother, brother or sister, would you sit down and negotiate with Zenawi? You won’t. If you do, Shibre Desalegn, the 200 hunderd who died in Addis and the thousands who were slaughtered all over Ethiopia have died for nothing. Sacrificed in vain. Cut short for nothing. Just like any sheep or goat.

Do we have any respect for the blood and sacrifices of our martyrs? Do we? Are we morally corrupt and that much decadent to forget our martyrs? And then go and shake the hand of their killer socked with their blood? And negotiate with the devil who slaughtered them? Negotiation for what? With whom? What if you were one of the martyrs whose heads were busted and crushed beyond any recognition? Would you want anybody in your name to sit down and negotiate with your killer? No, you won’t. Instead, you would beg him to bust Zenawi’s head as he busted yours. Unfortunately, the martyrs are dead and forgotten. And nobody is listening to them let alone avenge their blood.

Did our martyrs die in vain? Did they?

Please click the link below and listen to Dr. Berhanu’s reply to killer Zenawi’s fake negotiation offer on Ginbot 7 radio.

G7 Radio.

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