Dr. Berhanu Nega and Abebe Gellaw on Al Jazeera

Kirubeal Bekele — The soon-dying dictator recently banned using skype on the Internet in Ethiopia. Monster Zenawi has passed a law recently that says anyone found using skype will be punished with 15 years in prison. And this has created an uproar all over the world. It has been the talk of international press and human rights organizations.

Dr. Berhanu Nega and Journalist Abebe Gellaw exposed this dictatorial measure of Monster Zenawi on Aljazeera. By the way, Abebe Gellaw’s historic action on May 18, 2012 against Zenawi was also shown during the interview. This interview on Aljazeera is a very critical achievement for the opposition in getting international media coverage to expose this dying dictator’s totalitarian rule in Ethiopia.

Please click the following link to watch Dr. Berhanu Nega and Journalist Abebe Gellaw on Aljazeera.

Video courtesy of ecadforum.com

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