Disgraced Lidetu acts as cornered rat

lidetu AyalewThe disgraced chairman of the defunct United Ethiopian Democratic Party (UEDP), Lidetu Ayalew acts like a cornered rat as things go not in favor of his deceptive ‘third way’ propaganda.

On Friday, Lidetu called on government controlled Walta, ENA and ETV to give a “Press Conference” to attack an opposition coalition called MEDREK. “We are determined to battle them.” Lidetu said on ETV.

Lidetu gave the “Press conference” after he was compelled to walk out of opposition meeting held at Dutch embassy in the presence of Dutch delegation including Netherlands’ human rights Ambassador. The delegation was well informed by Ethiopian activists in the Netherlands before its departure to Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian people consider Lidetu as a traitor and a TPLF spy. Lidetu is the only “opposition” member of the parliament that supported the December 2006 invasion of Somalia by TPLF forces. He was also the only ‘opposition’ MP who vehemently opposed the US human rights bill HR 2003.

A self appointed dictator, who has lost the support of the entire Ethiopian people for collaborating with the ruling TPLF regime, Lidetu Ayalew is holding meetings after meetings to attack all opposition parties.

Last month, the Meles regime had facilitated the state media for Lidetu to assault Ginbot 7 movement. Lidetu has also use bad words to insult Dr. Beyene Petros at a reception inside French embassy.

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