Derg and Its Twin Brother TPLF

Joe Michael –“The revolutionary guards took her uncle first, then her father, then they came for her and her younger sister”. This was taken from a recent BBC report about an Ethiopian woman called Hirut Abebe, who expressed the horrifying crimes the Derg regime committed to her family. Reportedly, the woman is trying to create a permanent online archive of the Red Terror using the documents the communist regime left behind.

I first wanted to just read the story as it was a past phenomenon and a one time grim history of Ethiopia. But its content and irrefutable pattern triggered my memory navigation into an existing direction where I could not sidestep. The illegal arrests, torture, murder, etc. of the Hirut family gave me a disturbing impression of deja vous.

Yes, it reminded me of an innocent mother who was gunned down in 2005 by Agazi guards in front of her family simply for asking them to not take her husband away. It brought me horrifying pictures of innocent civilians that were shot on their heads and all over their bodies in the aftermath of 2005 election. It jogged my memory back into those sad days when many Ethiopian families were mourning for loosing a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, etc.

News of coup d’état, mass arrest, war, brutality, killing, injustice, etc. I paused for a moment and I asked my self, ‘is Derg really gone?’. Well, sure it did. But no question that it has been replaced by its twin brother TPLF. Think about it, how many innocent people have been arrested in Ethiopia since 1991? How many people have been tortured and killed?

It is clearly a matter of time for Ethiopians to get justice. I bet it will be all over deja vous again when mothers and children bring the current murderous to court. It will not be far to hear the words “You kill my mother”, “you kill my father, “you kill my child”, etc. yet all over again and again.

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