CPJ’s special report on World Press Freedom Day

Blocked in Ethiopia

Ethiopia government Blocks pro democracy websites, including EMF!

In a special World Press Freedom Day report, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) assessed the 10 prevailing strategies for online oppression and named which countries lead the way. The techniques go well beyond web censorship. There’s state-supported email designed to take over journalists’ personal computers in China, the shutting down of anti-censorship technology in Iran, monopolistic control of the Internet in Ethiopia, and carefully timed cyber-attacks on news websites in Belarus.

CPJ says what is most surprising about the 10 online oppressors is not who they are – they are all nations with long records of repression – but how swiftly they adapted old strategies to the online world, like Syria jailing online writers, and violence against bloggers in Russia. As of 1 December, 69 journalists whose work appeared primarily online are in jail, constituting nearly half of all journalists in prison, reports CPJ.

Source – IFEX

EMF would like to take this opportunity to call on all Ethiopians around the world to celebrate this momentous achievement and recommit themselves to advancing the values and principles Ethiopian Free-press Journalists promote.

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