Could China become the first colonizer of Ethiopia?

By – Wegeshaw:

Could China become the first colonizer of Ethiopia?

Could China become the first colonizer of Ethiopia?

The mouth pieces of the brutal and racistic tyranical regiem in Ethiopia had released contradictory information with headings read as:

China gives Ethiopia US$500 million”,

Then continued to elaborate on the topic as follows:

China has lent Ethiopia US$ 500 million that will be used to fund various development projects in the Horn of Africa country. The loan agreement signed with the Chineese Export and Import Bank was part of the deals struck during Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s ongoing visit to China, which started last Thursday. Ethiopian Finance and Economic Development Minister, Sofian Ahmed who signed the agreement with his Chinese counterpart said the loan will be used to implement 15 development projects”, “The projects to be implemented have already been finalised and will be discussed with the Chinese government”, Ahmed said.

Has China given away to Ethiopia US$500 million as the heading of your outstanding and competent journals say ”? or China has lent US$ 500 million to Ethiopia?

If China has simply given to Ethiopia such amount of money forgranted, we say “Eseyew Egzer yistish!”, but if China has lent Ethiopia that amount of money on top of the unknown colossal amount of dept, it is completly a differnt story.

Collecting depts for generations to come would force our motherland to be pushed in to even deeper abyss! Though the “parlama of Ethiopia” don’t known the amount either, it is not hard to imagine the colossal amount of dept. It has been now 20 years since we used to hear about “loans granted to Ethiopia” year in and year out. For sure the country may have fallen in additional dept that our children and the children of their children could hardly afford to pay.The Ethiopian youth  who will soon replace the older generation should seriously think over this matter and say – “Eda Anfeligim – Anibederim! BEKA!”.

When the nearly 60 years old tyrant lends money in the name of Ethiopia in Billions and leases land for 99 years, why were “Parlament bench sitters” not allowed to know about this huge intercontinental tranactions? or at least they demanded to be revealed to the people they claim they represent? Only one man knows the amount of dept that 90 million Ethiopians, (mines that evil man with his Gangs) would pay for generations to come. The tyrant and his few criminal supporters are enjoying life in heaven today while the Ethiopian poor masses continue to live life in hell paying for the dept they have never asked for. Immagin, for hundreds of years to come  – it is ammazing and terrible!

While the tyrant would soon run to a foreign country with his looted money or would be hunged “up side down” by the people for his atrocities commited, or he faces the “Hugue court” or remain in “Kality prison” for life, is a matter of choice and some thing time would soon show us? Even if one is a “pupet” to such a brutal and roothless tyrant, he or she are still Ethiopians (we like it or not), and when they represent 90 million people they have moral obligation to question such a higher issue of a country. They have moral obligation to make the unreachable rulers be accountable for their evil deeds. They at least have to ask for transparency and odditings of such extremely big transactions taking place on international leveles. This also applies to the so called “Weyanes”, they are Ethiopians too (again, we like it or not – as long as  Abay Tigray Manifesto is not running still in their brains?), For sure we hope most of the common Tigrayans would stand for their mother land Ethiopia! “Weyannes” – despite their sever wrong doings should also challenge the tyrant. When the 60 years old tyrant they worship sells and gives away Ethiopian fertile land in millions of hectars, don’t expect him to pay back the huge amount of dept your oun children couldn’t afford to pay in generations to come (since he knows will not live for ever)! When the evil monster has leased land for 99 years, he is sure that the money already payed at hand and long ago transferred to foreign Banks on his account, his wife and few close supporters. Be sure that when he soon runs away with the unlawfuly looted wealth of Ethiopia along with his “First Lady – mother of all corruptions”, you would be left alone to be asked in a court and by history.

The aim of this article is meant to stimulate us all Ethiopians to question ourselves about the dept our country has been emmerced since 20 years now? At least on this matter all parties, wether opposition or otherwise should ask ourselves for the sake of our common motherland! Why have we been deliberately colonized at this time of revolutions and freedom going on with the rest of the World? We had been “the symbol of freedom of the Black race” in our long history became neo collonized? Why is that “the enemy from with in – Prime Monister” auctionning the once blessed land with impunity? Why has he left our soveregnity open on the air to be violated by any bidder while we are looking things quietly as nothing has happened to our country? Why hasn’t this “Prime Monster” used his huge power and influence and tries to bring back the 8.4 Billion dollars that his wife, corrupted officials and he himself looted in the name of EFFORT, than trying to show to the Ethiopian masses and the World what “good thing” he is doing for Ethiopia and her people by building a fake “Millenium Dam”? Could that be “A pie in the sky” ? “Mar Alegn Besemy, Wetetwanim Alay”? Why should Ethiopians raise money for “BOND”, after they have been grazed up to their bones and the inflation rate reached to unbeareble 50%?

Why should one evil man alone collect huge amount of dept here and there from IMF,WB, Americans, UE, the Arab countries and lately India and China? In the name 0f  Ethiopia with 90 million people to pay but him? Thanks to this tyrant, who is the historical and deadliest enemy of Ethiopia the country’s fate is badly jeopardised! What is the total amount of dept of Ethiopia at present time? For sure except the cruel tyrant and his party TPLF CC not even one Ethiopian knows about it. The “peoples’ ellected leaders” of the “ruber stumper parliament” don’t know it either. (remember? They were not even allowed to know the lose of Ethiopian soldier’s lives in the Somali proxy war or the secret boarder land deal with the Sudan ).

We Ethiopians should at least ask the “President of the country”, who is sitting on “his” useless throne and claims that he “Represent 90 million Ethiopians”, some tough and legitimate questions like: why is Ethiopian sovereignity compromised by secratly giving away huge amount of boarder land to neighboring Sudan? Why are millions of Ethiopian peasants displaced from their ancestorial birth places and Vast firtile land has been cheaply given away for  “foreign investors” and then the victims forced do serve the collonizers in their oun country? Why should you allow “Land Grab” or “Ye Meret Neteka & Keremit” in Ethiopia to happen? What is the total dept of Ethiopia and why you allowed Ethiopia to be emmersed in a huge dept that even generations to come coulde’nt afford to pay? What can you say on the respected UNDP inistitution report that $8.4 Billion was illegaly remover from Ethiopian Banks at your watch? Why is that $200 million dollar worth of Gold stolen from CBE in day light robbery? Why is that Ethiopian Gold min fields given to one individual “investor” to be exploited against the people’s will?   What is the roll of a president if he coulde’nt serve the people properly? What is your presidency to leave in Ethiopian hystory as a person sitting on the highest post representing 90 million people?

If one is awarded the title of “deputy Prime minister”, it is very high post where the individual has to work hard for the betterment of his own country, for her sovereignity to be intact and her citizens live in peace, harmony and prosperity. If an individual is trusted enough to represent two titles in one, meanning he became a “deputy Prime Minister” and “Ministry of foreign Afairs” at the same time, that gives him additional power to do lots of important and higher issues for the country, where his responsibility would be doubled and trippled. Such a person should play a key roll in keeping 90 million people’s honor, by making sure that their History and Human rights are not violated , assuring that the judiciary field is working properly according to the international standards. Now, all of us Ethiopians have to ask “our Deputy Prime Minister + Minister of foreign affairs” simple questions like: Have you fulfilled sir your duty properly by sitting on one of the highest thrones in Ethiopia? Has the soveregnity of the country been kept intact at your watch? Are the citizens of the country live in peace harmony and prosperity? Have you make sure that the people’s honor been kept intact and their Human rights assured? Their History not destorted? To acquire a very high post of a country with over 90 million people is not an easy task and nobody should envy that, but at the same time any individual who has been trusted for such a post should realize that he has to answer in front of history some days for what is he or she doing today if even He (she) feels and considered as “Puppets”. If one couldn’t be fit or forced to not fulfill his duty properly today, He or She has ample time to jump from the sinking evil ship and does the right thing not to collaborate in the destructive policy and duty of the “enemy from with in”! Better to quit your positions today than participating in auctionning of your own country in collaboration with enemies of mother Ethiopia! Quit ASAP!

The same questions goes to the “minister of finance of Ethiopia” who accompanied the tyrant on his visit to China. Answer please questions like: What is the amount of dept Ethiopia shoud pay today all together? Why not “EFFORT” and other big Ethiopian inistitutions oditted for decades? What are the roll of a finance minister who represents 90 million Ethiopian population? same question – What can you say on the respected UNDP inistitution report that $8.4 Billion was illegaly remover from Ethiopian Banks at your watch, What do you say to your children why Ethiopia had so many depts and you allowed the misery in Ethiopia continue while you were finance minister?

The demand of questions to be answered shoud be extended to every Ministries and ministers and also “Parliament bench sitters”! Those are the once serving the tyrant by idly living to eat while seeing a great country like Ethiopia, the once symbol of the “WHOLE BLACK RACE” and owner of the famous “ADWA VICTORY” become collonized at their watch! Such relevant questions are also directed even to the cadres and we demand answers from them too since they are also Ethiopians, despit their sever wrong doings in stubbing their own mother land at her back!

It is really funny and amazing at the same time when a looter tyrant of 8.4 Billion US$ worth wealth of Ethiopia, whose deeds were exposed to the World by the respected inistitution UNDP is deafenning our ears with fake 11% to 14% annual growth, which never has fed our people! On the contrary despite the 12 million Ethiopian’s starvation he is hidding it from the World and is engaged in lending huge amount of money in the name of Ethiopia to deliberately bring economical catastrophe to masses in the long run!

Sadly enough, Ethiopia as a country seems to be partly colonized by the Indians, and partly by the Saudies. One grave danger sims to be revieling infact whe America is   gradualy leaving the way to China as the “World leader:

Could China become the first colonizer of Ethiopia?

Ethiopia had been known Champion of the Black freedom for generations.Should Ethiopia allow China or for that matter Africa as a whole to be colonized ?

No way! Every agreement signed without the will of Ethiopian masses should soon be canceled and void! However hard it would be, Ethiopia has to face all these challenges and come back trymphant! Yes, we addmit : Ethiopia has been empoverished, land locked, there is widspread famine, disease, our sovereighnity has been compromised. These unbearable yolks have been deliberatly imposed on our motherland thanks to our historical enemies and the brutal tyrant on the helm of all in order to destruct her totaly as a country. On the other hand our ancestores at the “ADWA VICTORY” have shown not only us Ethiopians but the whole World that they were CHAMPIONS OF FREEDOM OF THE BLACK RACE in general! Now, Ethiopians wherever we might be (at home or abroad) should carry lagacy of our ancestores and free our coutry from tyranny! Ethiopia should not be colonized by any body and if we, her children, unite and leave our small and big differences aside to look on the real tyranny the liberation of Ethiopia is imminent! Keep Ethiopia Symbol of freedom of the Black race! Africa in general should not be colonized again by China or any other “Supper power”! Long live Ethiopian Unity!

Long live Africa’s freedome in general!

Beka! Geye! Yaekel! Aloni! Wetandem! Gides! Eke ! Bass ! Diiteh!, Ekako!

WEGESHAW (20/08/2011)

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