Challenge For Ginbot 7 leadership (Tedla Asfaw)

This coming Sunday Sept 22 in Arlington, Virginia Ginbot 7 has called all Ethiopians for open public dialogue. On this public meeting Ginbot 7 chairman, Dr. Birhanu Nega and the Secretary, Andargatchew Tsige will be there. This is the “Mother of all Meetings”. Hope it will be aired live on ESAT.

Ginbot 7 has been on news recently after Dr.Birhanu’s leaked “embarrassing” audio and the interview Ato Andargatchew gave on ESAT this month. Both are now to face the public on what they have said in public among many other questions.
Dr. Birhanu has a budget of 500,000 dollar from bankrupt Eritrea. The budget is used for Ginbot 7 and also for ESAT. Most of us believed that ESAT has nothing to do with Ginbot 7, that is now history, Ginbot 7 owns ESAT.
We all remember when Tamagne Beyne of ESAT fundraiser/Activist answered this question long time ago by saying if ESAT is a Ginbot 7 media let it be, “Behonese”. Dr. Birhanu backed Tamagne positively thanks to the leaked audio that ESAT is financed by Ginbot 7. It is no more “Behonese”, ESAT is a media wing of Ginbot 7.
Dr. Birhanu should be asked this coming Sunday why does he need to “Deceive” the public for almost three years. He should apologize for the public. ESAT should be judged by its own record so far the Ethiopian public see it as a positive media.
One thing ESAT can not do is to criticize its financiers, Isaias Afeworki and Ginbot 7. As long as it does that it will be on air. The Diaspora fundraising has to go on because Isaias Afeworki is not a reliable partner.
Ato Andargatchew is working hard to make sure Isaias finance is coming. That was the reason he came strongly to sell Isaias as “a man of the year of 2006”. Lionizing a dictator as a model for Africa “self rule and reliance”. If Ginbot 7 has such leadership in mind for future Ethiopia after Woyane it will not win any free and fair election.
Ethiopians should ask how could Ginbot 7 leadership defend working closely with Isaias Afewroki who on this new year of 2006 message to his subjects and the rest of Ethiopia said that Ethiopia is a creation of “Second World War” among many anti Ethiopia activities for more than two decades.
We all know that after Dr. Birhanu leaked audio that the fighting army of Ginbot 7 has yet to be formed. Eritrea will not send its army to overthrow Woyane in the near future. It is only the mass uprising of Ethiopians that is a strong possibility for which isaias is preparing itself to control such an event by sending ethnic armed groups to different part of Ethiopia for long term conflict.
We heard recently from Ato Andargatchew that “educated Ethiopians” are joining the Ginbot 7 fighting army. The braking news on ESAT yesterday was about 4 Ethiopian Air Force pilots joining the army.
The Ethiopian army members that defected after the election 2005 massacre and many before that are now in Asmara fed and sheltered in their ethnic zones waiting to take power if there is a power vacuum in Ethiopia.
There is no armed rebellion in Ethiopia except low level skirmishes between Woyane and Ogaden National Liberation Front. The news of defecting members of the Ethiopian Army is a propaganda victory and should not be seen as a beginning of a military action against Woyane.
Ginbot 7 “Hulegeb Tigel” is not on field, it might be on air. Information is very important for the people of Ethiopia and ESAT has done its part on the last 3 years and should continue but ESAT can not liberate Ethiopia because it is not an armed organization.
If Ginbot 7 “Hulegeb Tigel” means media and armed rebellion it is true it did very well on the media front but nothing on the battle front. If the media is not independent to criticize the armed part of its movement it is very troubling.
The challenge of Abune Filipose On Washington, D.C. recent ESAT organized meeting for the leaders of opposition/Ginbot 7 showed the dilemma of ESAT independence. Bishop Filipose challenged Ginbot 7 leaders where and what their army is doing. ESAT moderators/journalists did not ask follow up questions and the public questions regarding the Ginbot 7 army is surely censored.
This coming Sunday many people who care deeply for freedom to come to Ethiopia should be free to ask all questions. It is up to Ginbot 7 leadership to answer all, it will be a decision time for members and supporters of Ginbot 7.
For the rest of us who wish change in Ethiopia should not be shy in expressing our views regarding Dr. Birhanu and Ato Andargatchew led Ginbot 7 movement because we need them to succeed.
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6 Responses to Challenge For Ginbot 7 leadership (Tedla Asfaw)

  1. tafesse yilma

    September 21, 2013 at 4:16 AM

    Tedla asfaw is right. When Ginbot 7 takes Issayas for a model of governance,Ethiopians should be very worried.Who pays the piper calls the tune.Well done Tedla

  2. T. Goshu

    September 22, 2013 at 9:00 AM

    Well, as one of those who read most of Tedla Asfaw’s comments that appear on various web sites, I appreciate his efforts to have his own say or opinion regardless of his emotionally charged and sometimes very jerky style of self-expressions. Concerning his comment above, I want to say that I still do believe there is nothing wrong with expressing his views or observation either on Ginbot-7 or ESAT in any way he feels as it would be so naïve or foolish for us to expect and see all ideas from all individuals flowing through the same pipelines with the same speed and with no having some kind of turbulence mixing things that are difficult to sort out. I believe that is the way we have to deal with in any aspect of our real lives let alone with our political challenges that are heavily dominated by our severe lack of a political culture of civility and constructiveness. And I sincerely believe that the way I see commentator Asfaw’s comment cannot be an exception of the challenges we continue to deal with as the result of the influence of our backward political culture overshadowed by political personalities of trying to make ourselves “wise and good guys” by not forwarding critical but constructive and helpful comments of ours towards others, but simply by throwing anything (including our mere assumptions or perceptions) that we believe is good to undermine and discredit those who are not comfortable with our way of thinking and acting .

    Well, I do not know why ASfaw is asking for an apology from Dr.Berhanu who makes his position and objective clear and loud; that is he and his organization is determined to use any available means that would be helpful to get rid off the tyrannical ruling circle that is the very root cause for the untold sufferings of the people and put the very survival of the country at serious stake; and subsequently create a country in which we live in a democratic and real sense of togetherness, peace and shared prosperity. So, what is the purpose of asking him and his organization for apology? It is the right thing to express our concerns about the strategy and tactic of G-7 including using Eritrea as the gate way to launch the struggle against the ruthless ruling elites . But it is politically naïve and impotent just to come up with a highly emotionally charged accusations and condemnations .

    I do not think that those of G-7 leaders and members and supporters are less concerned than Asfaw and myself about the question of how to make handle the strategic and tactical importance of Eritrea . And whether we like it or not , Issaias Afeworki is the president of Eritrea. The question is how to deal with his administration in such a way that could lead to the way to make Ethiopia free from the senseless and damaging political elite . I do not think we have to choose doing nothing because Ato Isaias says something wrong about the history of Ethiopia here and there. We need to go beyond the presidency of Isaias that is a just small and limited part of the history Ethiopian and Eritrean people.
    Folks, if we have any problem of ulterior motives (be it personal or otherwise), let us make it clear and deal with it and control ,if not solve it. Do not try to go around the bush with all kinds of our introverted problems .
    With all due respect!


  3. T. Goshu

    September 22, 2013 at 2:52 PM

    Dear editor,

    Thanks for let me know that you do not accept a dissent or different views !
    I hope we will have a courage to deal with our culture of favoritism or the mentality of “I do it because I do like her or him ; or I do not it because I do not like her or him.” Take easy guys! It takes time to get out of our undesirable way of doing things!

    Have a good one!

  4. john

    September 23, 2013 at 7:14 PM

    Dear Tedla:
    What is your point? I think in the name of critiquing Ginbot 7 or Esat, you are really missing the whole point. How does giving money to Esat by G7 prove that Esat is owned by it? Is not Esat toiling day and night to raise money? G7 believed (considering that that “leaked” tape was correct) that supporting Esat is strategically part of the struggle; what is wrong with that? And above all, how does that prove ownership relation between the two? And, you said many things about G7 and Esat. you seem to have been derailed by some things on the back of your head. I like your activism, but this piece is not well-thought about. constructive criticism is good but you cannot support freedom by bringing down or weakening the struggle.

  5. Afarman

    October 1, 2013 at 11:10 AM

    DR Birhanu’s quest for power knows no limit, he will do anything to come to power using deceit empty promise as his sole weapon, we all know one thing for fact. Dr Birhanu will never go to the battle field and fight, he will sit in the USA and spread rumors and conspire against Ethiopia. He will continue to come up with empty promises of justice and democracy. Dr Birhanu is a mini dictator, we have seen how he behaved when some of his audiences asked him questions.

    He is a born again loser, he began going down the drain since his time as a young EPRP member, he betrayed the struggle and left abroad for a better life. When the change of government in Ethiopia came in 1991, Dr Birhanu returned with his egoistic character hoping to share power, his aspiration vanished into the thin air and he decided to establish Rainbow party and CUD, again as a born again loser his hope vanished into the thin air and CUD like the EPRP disappeared from the political scene. Now Dr Birhanu is trying to resuscitate his political ambition by establishing the G7.

    G7 was established in 2006/7 and to-date it has not achieved anything on the ground, Birhanu is using his deception art to fool his followers in the US and Europe. Now he is telling them that his group has received financial aid from Eritrea to aust the EPRDF government. Dr Birhanu needs to understand one thing, ousting a government is not an easy task. Dr birhanu’s ego and love for money and power alone cant bring political change in Ethiopia. His struggle seems to be revolved around his personal hatred towards the members of the ruling regime, he said his group has no policies, its programme is just one and one which is ousting the regime in power.

    Birhanu’s recent wish will vanish into the thin air, shaebiya will continue to use all anti-Ethiopian groups as a bargaining tool in its attempt to resolve its conflict with Ethiopia. Non of the armed groups supported by Eritrea have succeeded to control one meter square of land in Ethiopia. They are draining Eritrean resources, G7 is not a fighting force, its trying to ride the TPDM and other groups who claim to have fighters on the ground. Why is G7 unable to establish its own armed wing ? why do they want to survive on the sweat and blood of others ? they are good for nothing bunch of losers engaged in the politics of betray