Call for protest at US State Department to condemn the massacre of Oromo Students

The brutal regime of the TPLF has massacred scores of Oromo students who were protesting peacefully in Ambo, Bale, and elsewhere in Oromo regions of Ethiopia. The repression and killing spree of the regime has intensified in the past few days, as reported by credible media sources.

Civic and political orgs in DC area have organized a demonstration in Front of the State Department to protest and condemn the killing, and call upon the Ethiopia people to wage the struggle in unison against repressive minority regime.

All democracy and patriotic forces and Citizen Ethiopians must stand alongside the legitimate demands of the Oromo students who are protesting the eviction of Oromo peasants from their ancestral land. The  regime’s recent move , under the guise of a so called Master plan , is none other than  to give away the land to its cronies and sell it  to the highest bidder foreign investors at the expense of citizens of Ethiopia as it has been doing elsewhere in other regions of Ethiopia.

The real issue here is that of the fundamental rights of citizens and its continued violation by a brutal ethnocentric regime that has no regard to the rule of law. The real issue is, again, a brutality of a regime that has no basic value and  understanding of  the sanctity and dignity of human life,  and the legitimate demands of citizens that must be respected and protected, as enshrined in the so-called constitution.

Victory to the struggling people of Ethiopia!


Date of Protest:      MAY 7, 2014
Time:                          9:00 AM
Place ፦                 U.S State Department, 2201 C St NW – Washington, DC. 20520


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