Breaking news: Metema is blocked by Sudan

10 July 2008 (Washington, DC)- The northern historic towns of Gondar, Metema and Abderafi are cut off from Ethiopia as the Sudanese army has blocked roads and closed all communication channels, sources said from the area.

According to reliable sources, oil supplies from Sudan and other merchandise businesses have been halted as the result of war between the Sudanese army and unknown Ethiopian forces.

Sources also said the Sudanese government has deployed huge military force from Gadaref.

A fierce fighting is reported in Quara in the last three weeks between the Sudanese forces and forces which our reporter says are not yet known. But it seems that the fighting is beyond the knowledge and control of Meles Zenawi’s regime.

The Ethiopian regime on Wednesday denied Sudanese accusations it had launched a cross-border attack against a police base killing 19 people. “This simply isn’t true,” The pathological liar, Bereket Simon, told AFP.

“It is a very long border between the two countries, lots of people cross the border, sometimes minor incidents between locals can happen,” Berekat said.

The regime in Ethiopia said on Friday keen to have good relations with the neighbouring Sudan, affirming that investigations are underway to determine the causes of the killing of 19 Sudanese police this week in the border area.

Last Tuesday, Sudanese army condemned the killing of 19 people during an attack by against a police base – located 17 kilometres inside Sudanese territory — in Jabal Hantub area.

The Eritrea supported Oromo rebels are active in border area between the two countries.

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