Breaking News: Berhanu Nega’s family under house arrest

Berhanu Nega EMF — Dr. Berhanu Nega’s family are under house arrest and his friend/relative are taken to jail, EMF sources said. The arrest came immediately after Meles Zenawi regime announced that it has foiled a coup attempt by Ginbot 7 and that it has arrested over 35 suspects.

The regime says the people arrested in Friday’s raids fall into two groups: some were soldiers and others civil servants. It also claims that weapons had been found, including land mines, as well as military uniforms and copies of the group’s future plans, according to BBC news.

Ginbot 7 movement for democracy and justice reject the claims. In a statement released today, the movement dismissed the report as a usual atrocious practice of the regime.

Editor’s note: The crime against innocents by the paranoid dictator Meles Zenawi proved that it is a regime worst than the former military government, which never assumed guilt by association. Mengistu’s regime has never touched Meles Zenawi’s family.

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