Boycott campaign on imported teff injera

injera_in_dc.gifEMF – The export of injera to North America, Europe and Middle East has caused sharp rise on price of teff, according to sources. The prices of teff, a staple food for Ethiopians, and other food stuffs have been rising sharply in recent successive months, putting millions of people in Ethiopia at risk of severe hunger and destitution, the UK-based charity Oxfam has warned.

Close to 40,000 injera is being imported every month from Ethiopia to Washington, DC alone causing the price of a quintal of teff to 1,300 birr at home, while Teff made Injera is excessively manufactured there.

The importers, who are suspected to have a link with the ruling Woyane regime, are selling now 3 injera for $ 5/bag while Ethiopians are eating animal feed as they can’t afford buying it. Concerned Ethiopians are calling a boycott campaign on imported teff injera in North America and Europe.

It is moral imperative to do so.

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