Birtukan Mideksa elected to lead UDJ party

UDJ founding members18 June 2008 — After some disruptions by Zenawi’s forces, in collaboration with Ato Hailu/Abayneh group, the Unity UDJ has held a successful meeting and elected the party’s executive body today, sources said. The meeting should have not been rescheduled for today without a direct involvement of the so-called elders led by prof. Ephrem Issak, a trend harshly criticized by some observers. The General Assembly has elected 60 council members and 15 more reserve members. The following are Executive Members we obtained so far. (Picture: Over 400 members of UDJ after forced to evacuate from imperial hotel. This costed them close to 400,000 Birr…)

  1. Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa – Chairwoman
  2. Eng. Gizachew Shifferaw – Vice Chairman and Organizational Affairs
  3. Dr. Hailu Arraya – Vice Chairman – Public Relations
  4. Dr. Yacob Hailemariam – Vice Chairman , Head of Foreign Relations
  5. Ato Temsgen Zewdie – Vice Chairman, Head of Finance and Administration
  6. Ato Asrat Tassie – Secretary
  7. Dr. Shimelis Tekletsadik
  8. Ato Aklu Girgirie
  9. Ato Sileshi Tena
  10.  Ato Mohamed Ali
  11.  Ato Dibaba Amensisa
  12.  Ato Bilala Tezera
  13.  Ato Kifle Tigineh
  14.  Ato Aschalew Ketema
  15.  Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam
  16.  Wzro. Lakech Degefa
  17.  Ato Mullugeta Wordi
  18.  Dr. Mikias Abayaneh
  19.  Ato Fetene Teshome
  20.  Ato Yeneneh Mulat
  21.  Dr. Abdu Mengesha
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