Bereket’s secret meeting in London interrupted

Bereket’s secret meeting in London interruptedEMF (19 March 2009) One of the architects of the June and November 2005 massacre, Bereket Simon was humiliated by Ethiopians in a secret meeting inside the London Woyane Embassy today, source told EMF.  [Update: video & pictures on]

The secret meeting was interrupted by special police force after severe confrontations between TPLF gangs and brave Ethiopians inside and outside the TPLF embassy.

EMF source said that the meeting was called by the TPLF embassy in the UK only for selected person belonging to Tigrean ethnic group. “Not more than 20 tigreans appeared to the meeting” source said. “Few of them turn back as the event was being taped,” It added.

The confrontation began when several Ethiopians were denied entry to the meeting. Finally, the confrontation escalated and it ends up with police intervention.

EMF will post the video showing the confrontation soon.

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