Bahir Dar University under siege

EMF (2 March 09) More students have been severely beaten and arrested at Bahir Dar University, 578 kilometers from Addis Ababa, on Saturday, EMF source said.

Sources said Bahir Dar’s Peda collage and Poly University are enclosed by Meles Zenawi’s special force to contain possible riots. “The university looks a military compound.” a student told EMF on condition of anonymity. No regular school sessions were held on Monday, March 02, 2009.

On 22 Feb. 09 EMF has reported that dozens of students were injured and arrested after inter-ethnic conflict sparked at Bahir Dar University primarily between the Amhara and Tigrean ethnic students.

The students’ protest started after the federal police arrested 18 ethnic Amhara students holding them responsible for leading the previous protests. Hundreds of Bahir Dar residents entered the university compound to show solidarity for the students, according to the source.

The inter-ethnic conflicts and tensions, presumably instigated by the TPLF cadres are reportedly spreading over to Mekele University.

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