Awramba Times’ Office Attacked

On August 17, 2010, around 8 o’clock in the evening, an “unknown men” tried to enter into Awramba Times’s (AT) office. And in a separate incident which occurred six hours before the evening’s outrageous act, and which some witnesses that happened to be at the place have substantially speculated it as having a connection with the latter criminal act, one of those who are still “unidentified” men had assaulted and caused a serious physically injury against the office’s watch while undertaking his usual duty. At the same incident, “these men” also threatened and insulted the deputy editor-in-chief of Awramba Times, Gizaw Legesse., while trying to resolve the issue peacefully.

“The news paper’s administration officially informed those “incidents” to the concerned police and security personnel’s within a reasonable period of time” said Awramba Times Managing Editor Dawit Kebede “However the response it received way much latter seemed a total farce.”

It was right after the criminal act committed against the guard that we informed to the Police of Arada Sub-city. But they were not willing to present themselves immediately so that undertake the expected investigations. After hours passed by, a police officer arrived at AT’s office. Amusingly, the officer was not even willing to talk to the victim, let alone take the words of those eye witnesses who saw the attack being committed against the guard. Even the officer couldn’t leave his car and witness by himself. Then, came the subsequent evening attack.

Awramba Times editor –in-chief Fitsum Mamo says “Any criminal act is a crime. The nature is always same, as its essence. But obviously the degree of it is another issue.” It will not make any crime less a crime whether or not we compare it to other criminal acts. “It was like that, that the other officer, an investigator, put the crime while ‘observing’ the smashed window of the office in the morning. He did not even tried to register what he could clearly see, the broken windows glasses and the holes on the walls caused by the stones thrown at the guard and on the office’s property” Fitsum added . In addition, the way the attackers demonstrated themselves defiantly to the deputy editor, behaving as if nothing could hamper them and make responsible for, is some what open to learned speculations.

Whatsoever is the case, the officers handling of the case was really a huge shame. Never expected of a law enforcer.
Seeing those so-called farce responses of the officer and the investigator, any one of a sober mind would conclude the possibility of another force behind the attacks.

Awramba Times editorial committee
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
18 August 2010

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