Arrest Dictator Zenawi at Ronald Regan Building

14 St and Pennsylvania NW, Washington DC, Friday, May 18, 2012at 7 am – The tyrant and dictator Meles Zenawi will be attending the 3rd International Food Security Symposium at the Washington DC Ronald Regan building on May 18, 2012 on the invitation of Prsident Obama.

This is a great opportunity for all Ethiopians residing in and around Washington DC to protest and make the world know the destruction and atrocities he and his regime committed on our country and our people.

Meles is an architect of Ethiopian destruction; destroyer of Ethiopian identity; master of divide and rule; trader of thousands of our Ethiopian sisters to Arab countries; a killer of innocent Ethiopians; merchant of our fertile land and promoter of land grab; master jailer of free thinking citizens; leader of mafia organization and supreme thief that looted Ethiopia of its precious and meager resources.

Hence, we need to stand up to this despicable tyrant and show our disgust on the fact that he is invited as credible leader along with democratic leaders such as those from Ghana. This feels like rubbing salt on the wounds of many of us who deplore all his actions and are struggling day and night get rid of him once and for all.

This is a call for all Ethiopians who love their country and are courageous enough to come and face him off, show your anger and disgust, and be heard loud and clear that his invitation is immoral and unacceptable and that he should never be allowed to touch American soil in respect of the millions who are his victims and suffering at home and abroad. This is a call for President Obama to stand by many Ethiopians who stood by you during your election in 2008. President Obama we got your back on your election and now it is your turn to show us to what extent you go to be on our side.

Place and date of protest
Friday, May 18 2012, at Ronald Regan Building, 14th St and Pennsylvania Av NW, at 7 am

For more information call (571) 278-5346 or email

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